Tuesday, August 07, 2007

I've been....

.... to Whitby.

It was good. The Gothic capital of England, in North Yorkshire. Home of Dracula and smoked kippers. Plastic buckets and cream teas. James Cook and a whale bone arch. Cobbled streets and full English breakfasts. One hundred and ninety nine steps and a swinging bridge.

I love Whitby.

I have fond memories of Whitby (and the surrounding area) as a child. Rock pooling in Robin Hood's Bay, a cottage in Grosmont, and having my photo taken with Rupert the Bear. I have more recent memories of Whitby from what we must now refer to as a previous incarnation. Now I have memories of Whitby that include Dawn.

We arrived on Saturday lunchtime, with the minimum of fuss. TripAdvisor had helped me select a bed and breakfast, and the genial hosts welcomed us into an establishment that lived up to its excellent reputation.

We left on Monday afternoon, having had a whale of a time.

Points of note:

Having packed all the camera accessories, I forgot to pack the camera, so had to resort to using my mobile phone. Double blunder on my part meant that the few photos I DID take were all done using the wrong settings, and look awful.

I love the pace of life that is dictated by high tide and low tide.

Robin Hood's Bay will always be one of my favourite places on the planet.

Horse riding across Great Fryupdale (you have to love the name of the place!!) and Glaisdale on Wainwright's coast-to-coast walk on a horse belonging to Elle Macpherson!! Not to mention Dawn's face, when I surprised her with this little excursion because she knows that horses and I are not the best of friends!!

Lots of nice food, of which a surprisingly large amount was homemade, full fat, and usually served up with something extra fattening. They do say that fat is merely the vehicle for flavour!!

Great weather.

They say a break is as good as a rest, and what do you know..... it's true!!


  1. Sounds like you both had a great time:)
    Love to you both x

  2. I love Whitby. Had our summer hols there last year... and Cornwall (this year) just didn't match up.

  3. whitby sounds fab, and i've never been there, so i may well give it a go. i studied up in leeds, love west yorkshire, and i'm sure north yorkshire holds many a jewel. cheers for the tip!

  4. I remember those Clifton Church outings.... the one to Whitby saw me return with a 'lucky' glass duck and an increased repertoire of songs such as 'Quarter Master's Stores' and 'Ilkley Moor Bar'T'At... Them were't days when marbles ricocheted around Grandma's 'Room', Bunty Man NEVER shared his handcrafted wooden skateboard and Barbed-Wire wrestling was top banana!!