Wednesday, August 22, 2007

In order....

In order to alleviate the more sensitive visitors' pains at having to contemplate the harsh reality of being a mouse trying to survive on my patch, I am making a blog entry, which in turn should shove the rigor-mortised rodents further down this page, out of sight, out of mind.

In order that I might fill this entry with something other than images of myself beating my chest as a display of my hunter/killer alter-ego, I am harking back a couple of weeks to Radio Free Stan's meme about eight random facts (30th July 2007).

As everyone knows.... The obligatory "tagging" at the end of these memes causes a great deal of pain to both the nominator and the nominee..... in this instance, consider yourselves lucky that I will ask for eight volunteers to propagate this viral questionnaire.

So here it is..... Eight random facts about the Arctic Fox:

1) The arctic fox is the only dog that changes its colour.

2) The last books I touched were: The Switch (Lynsay Sands); Viz - The Dog's Bollocks; The Wharncliff A-Z of Yorkshire Murder (Stephen Wade)

3) The arctic fox mates for life.

4) I know a joke which has the following punchline: "Hold my bum and f**k it while I get my c**k out!".

5) Arctic fox babies are called "kits".

6) My first ever blog entry was written on 3rd April 2003. Six days later I was bitten by two dogs simultaneously - I spent two hours in casualty, during which time I watched (live on BBC) the pulling down of the Saddam Hussein statue in the centre of Baghdad.

7) The soles of an arctic fox's foot (including their pads/paws) are covered entirely with hair to prevent frostbite.

8) I own a pair of electronic dice.

So there they are.... Feel free to volunteer yourself for continuation of this scheme.... the first eight responders will receive a bumper bargain bag of good karma by return mail.


  1. I'm not sure I understand the rules.

  2. it's not working. i'm still thinking about the mice [glum]

  3. I know that Joke too... One of my personal faves.

  4. Rol: There aren't really any rules - I think the original idea was that you reveal eight random facts about yourself and then tag eight other people. I know how upset you were last time I tagged!!

    Maxxo: I am truly sorry, never mind the mice, focus on the badgers!!

    Jase: Yes, it's a brilliant joke!! hahahahah I am lolling all over the place!!

  5. Im amazed you are using traps!
    After all the fuss you made about being humane lol
    Cant say id want them in the house though so fair play to the fox!
    Hope you all ok
    Pol x

  6. Meeces definitely belong outside the house, and if I had them in mine I'd be investing in a trap just like yours. Good to know about the peanut butter as bait. It works really well for squirrels, but I'd not have thought about using it on mice.

  7. FoX. Eight random facts about me.

    1/ Blue
    2/ 17
    3/ August 2005
    4/ Approximately 20 but I don't usually count.
    5/ Fish
    6/ Anything other than apples
    7/ Oak
    8/ Man made fibres.

  8. Spice... that's fine if the questions were:

    1) Favourite genre of movie?
    2) How old did she say she was?
    3) The last time you were at a dentist?
    4) How many ferrets can you fit in your undies?
    5) Who was your favourite Marillion singer?
    6) If you could take one item to the moon with you, what would it be?
    7) Name a character from a Thomas Hardy novel.
    8) First was the stone age, then the bronze age, then the age of?

  9. Here are 8 random facts linked to DohDoh
    1. There is a mighty fine specimen of a stuffed DoDo in the Oxford University Museum
    2. I can remember exactly where I was when I heard the news that Elvis had died (coming home from my Grandma's house in Clifton - one of the neighbours shouted the news down the street... sad muppet)
    3. I started working for the Royal Bank of Scotland on 21 April 1987
    4. The method of wrapping the waistband of a pair of trousers around your neck to tell whether or not they will fit round the girth of your arse really DOES work (even if it does get you some strange looks)
    5. My friend Lynne once stole a book called The Modernisation of Sex from an MFI store - it was a prop on one of their furniture stands!
    6. I believed my cousin when he told me that his dad died because he gave him a poisonous rolo (I basically believed EVERYTHING he told me... still do)
    7. The day my youngest brother was born (12.4.80) I lit a piece of string that I had tied to the mantel-piece to mark the occasion and it left a big long mark all the way up the brick fireplace (I never told mum and dad it was me!)
    8. I got my legs smacked at school for wrecking Maria Zavros' jigsaw - she was just too good at those jigsaws and I was green with envy.