Monday, August 13, 2007

I'm wishing on a star.....

Rol: Hope the title helps you differentiate the myriad of shades of grey that make up my blog.

Action packed few days here at Arctic Fox central.

Perseids: The annual viewing of the Perseid meteor shower. An event that for the last however-long-I-can-remember has been blighted by cloud cover. This year was actually quite good and we (Tom and I) probably managed to spot about thirty of those little pieces of dust burning up in the atmosphere. Humbling.

Dentist: Phobia threshold well and truly breached. A single filling that had fallen out, has so far resulted in one and a half hours in a dentist's chair. Metal implements hacking and slicing inside my head. I found a new fear today, in the portion where the drill starts and stops whilst embedded in a tooth. Most unpleasant indeed.

Jekyll: A BBC series which concluded a few weeks ago. My Sky+ managed to freak out (mid series) when they opted to miss one of the regular Saturday night slots in favour of "Live Earth" or whatever the frik it was. Subsequently, the series link went all awry. I thought I had salvaged and repaired the error, that is until I sat down to watch the final two episodes today. The last episode is missing!!

Searches: I often bring you the "cream of the crop" that rose to the top of my favourite search criteria, resulting in people ending up at my blog. Poor buggers. Here are some more of my favourites, that will be forever more perpetuated.

The selection today, are all about arctic foxes in one way or another...... some of them are quite disturbing:

Q: why does the arctic fox live in the arctic (Google)
A: The fox says "Because if it lived in England it would be called a fox."

Q: arctic fox a map where it lives (Google)
A: The fox says "Try googling "arctic map"!!".

Q: where did the arctic fox come from (Google)
A: The fox says "The answer was in your question".

Q: arctic fox babies for sale (Google)
A: The fox says "I hope not".

Q: Arctic fox pet (Yahoo)
A: The fox says "see above"

Q: artic fox for sale (MSN)
A: The fox says "We are animals, not property!!".

Q: artic fox -ways of eating (Yahoo)
A: The fox says "Don't even think about it!!".

Q: house training arctic foxes info (Google)
A: The fox says "Try not keeping an arctic fox in your house at all".

Q: how to get an arctic fox (Google)
A: The fox says "Ask him nicely to come over for tea".

Q: price of a live arctic fox (Google)
A: The fox says "If you have to ask, you can't afford!".

** Pet hate - it's arCtic not artic you morons!!


  1. Ahh you must have been gutted with no t having episode 6 of Jekyll, let me know if you need it as I also missed it on TV but downloaded the Divx.

  2. Cheers for the comment artic--fox I decided to edit the post which gave out the project info, and had to remove your comment aswell.

    We also have what you suggested in the plan, in fact theres loads of extra features / services.

    Good luck with the download let me know if you need a faster source.