Friday, August 24, 2007


Choke, gasp, gag........

Last night was an adventure. I introduced the lovely Dawn to the world of tapas. A restaurant I had never tried before, in an unfamiliar village, but with very pleasing results.

The downside of this, was of course, double garlic overload..... We ate a little TOO late, and both had a restless, acid indigestion plagued night's sleep, and heaven forbid.... The sheer stench emanating from where monkeys shove bad nuts is unbearable!!

I've never been very good with garlic. I love it, but it's not a mutual relationship.

Coupled with the fact that I have a really sore neck, for which I am taking anti-inflammatory painkillers that equally disagree with my digestive system, I now feel like I have been staked out in the sunshine and force fed a barrage of flaming rats.

Big Brother has now entered its final week. A double eviction tonight has dispatched of two of my least favourite characters, and this time next week we will know who has won (or indeed who has not lost by default). I am secretly looking forward to being given back some element of control over my life once the sun goes down. I've been a TV slave the same this year as every other year!!

The mousetraps remain empty - I am unsure whether this is a good sign or a bad one. Good if there are no more mice to catch..... Bad if they have become impervious to the delicious scent of peanut butter, and are secretly having a mouse sized Oktoberfest under my kitchen units, where they all play the alpenhorn and wear lederhosen and eat pickled onion monster munch, that come in a packet that has on it a competition to win a split level bungalow in the exact colour of orange of your dreams, and a shoe that's far too big to put your foot in.

I knew I shouldn't have eaten that cheese!!

See Connor's very own mini photo album here.


  1. maybe the mice are boxing clever. y'know, i love big brother but this year, jeeze, it's soooo shite ... havent been watching it. you deserve a medal for your loyalty. i think it may of had its heyday.

  2. They say two thousand zero, zero, party over,
    Oops, out of time!
    So tonight I'm gonna party like it's 1939!

    Can you direct me to Poland?

  3. Great photos Connor - I particularly like the one of the grotesque gargoyle at the end of your 'shoot' - scary but nice!

  4. Hullo!
    Are there any teddy bears dressed up as other things in these parts?
    Just checking!

  5. Nothing worse than waking up and your bedroom smelling like the inside of a packet of dry roasted peanuts

    (c) Red Dwarf years ago