Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Bloody hell.

Sometimes it's hard to write a blog.

I don't expect everyone to share my enthusiasm at spotting a bunch of fledgling goldfinches or robins or bluetits in my garden. The pride that accompanies their survival, assisted by my bird feeder treats, is a personal feeling that I cannot expect anyone else to share.

The excitement of having heavy machinery and a new road surface outside my house is purely selfish. Clouds of burning diesel and bitumen. Hissing steam and gravel pouring machines. The change in background noise as the first cars tentatively drive across it, with a care usually reserved for snow and ice.

The rekindling of my desire to perpetrate random acts of kindness.

My enthusiasm for playing video games, and its rejuvenation, brought about by a couple of seemingly random car-boot-sale purchases.

My disappointment at having allowed myself to sit through Eli Roth's "Hostel" after vowing never to allow myself to waste time on another of his films after watching "Cabin Fever". Unfunny, unscary, and very very missable.... both of them!!

Big Brother..... I mean, who would want to hear about that? Apart from which, if you did want to read about it, you certainly wouldn't come here, you'd go to digitalspy of course!!

Oh my, I am having a mid-blog crisis!!


  1. haha, it freaks you that people read about your navel gazing, right? anyway you gotta help me ... i'm on the hunt for a fursty ferret now ...

  2. You all blogged out mate???

  3. Come on FoX - Was Hunter S. Thompson's life and art all in vain? Does Banksy sit idly perusing the Sunday supplements in the hope his next work will be inspired by some perfume ad?

    Gonzo blogging is the answer - if there isn't anything to blog about, then go out an do something to create a subject.

    Buy up garden gnomes from car boot sales and populate the edges of the bowling green with them. Call it art and you could be the next Tracey Emin (God forbid).

  4. Hi fox!! thanks for stopping by. I personally would love to hear about your visiting birds. I love birds always have. Well off to bed been staying up too late with Lord Of The Rings. Thanks for the advice of Hostel. It had been a movie that I had been thinking to watch if there was absolutely no more movies to watch. Now I will avoid it like the plague.

  5. have you forgotten me to share your bird moments? just these 3 words made your blog worth of gold...

    all the best

  6. I may have mentioned this before - I also love feeding birds. I have nurtured a gang of sparrows, a couple of robins, bluetits, wood pigeons, occasional thrushes and jays, magpies, rooks and blackbirds and we are well inside Sheffield city limits. By the way - a warning regarding Gdansk comment - although I teach for a living I refuse to be conveniently classified as a teacher - I am first a human being. What I do for a living is largely incidental. Failure to absorb this will result in a midnight drive to Huddersfield with a couple of bouncers I know -their necks are as wide as their skulls. Please don't be alarmed.

  7. Random Kindness was on Radio 1 yesterday, you been selling your thoughts to the media???
    Love to everyone
    Pol x

  8. I can certainly share your enthusiasm re the birds, Arcticfox. The heavy machinery, I'm not so sure about.
    I just read YP's comment - the big bully! :)