Sunday, July 29, 2007

Virtually cut off.

After a week in "the sticks", I finally get to spend an evening at home. I have satellite television, internet, no milk, and a barbecue and disco rattling the windows from the bowling club at the back.

Three whole days without internet is more than I can bear.

It's 1am. At Pole Moor, I would be tucked up in bed. In Outlane, I am playing Pogo, and listening to the voices of the smokers that now have to stand outside the club, huddled around the edges of the bowling green. "Do you know lad, I was born in 1940......", and I begin to lose interest.

I have finished Harry Potter..... I am now reading a strange book about an autistic prostitute. If ever there was a conversation stopper......

Well, the disco sounds to be winding down a little, and I've managed to leave a small footprint to say I was here and relishing the fact that there is a wire inbetween myself and your good selves again....

Night night all.


  1. Night night? Bloody hell what time do you go to bed ye nancy boy Huddersfielder!

  2. It were about 2am.... I bet you were already zedding it big time by then!! You cheeky pudd'n!!

    PS - If you're still watchin' BB - what aboot that Jonty??

  3. If anything I would say a book about an autistic prostitute was a conversation starter!

  4. "Do you know lad, I was born in 1940."
    "Were you really, Dad?"
    "I were son. It were the darkest days of Hitler's war and the Hun were making life bloody miserable, I can tell thee"
    "How come, Dad?"
    "They were sending bombers over every night of the week. Drove your Grandmother right up the wall, it did. She couldn't get a wink of sleep, what with all the bombs and her being at the end of her term with me. She didn't want me popping my head out in the middle of an air raid, did she?"
    "So what did she do, Dad?"
    "She kept her legs crossed and turned the wireless up so she couldn't hear the planes. Had to make sure that it wasn't one of them dance bands playing, though. She couldn't risk being tempted to start jiggling about to some catchy Glen Miller number and then having me start to dislodge myself now, could she?"
    "Wow, Dad. That must have taken a bit of self control. How long did she manage to keep it up?"
    "Five years, son. Kept me in there until after the war with Japan had ended in 1945. Fortunately I hadn't grown much, not with the food being rationed, and all"
    "So you were really born in 1945, weren't you Dad?"
    "I suppose so. Just don't mention it in front of your Grandad. that's all."

  5. What's the autistic prossy book called?

  6. Hey Fox - I've just heard that the Vienna Vegetable Orchestra (as mentioned on my blog back in March) will be playing at the Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival in November. Also featured will be former KLF man, Bill Drummond, doing whatever it is he does now.