Sunday, July 01, 2007

Sticking twos up!

Two good things have happened.

Well, I say two good things have happened.... In fairness, probably a great many more than two good things have happened, but for the most part they do not concern me. Well, they do concern me, and of course I love all the good things that happen...... Bloody hell, I am never gonna sort this mess out.

OK.... Disregard the above.

Two good things have happened to me that I would like to share with you through the power of blog.

Firstly, it was the most fantastical full moon last night. The moon has been really great for the last few nights in fact. Very golden, and moody, shrouded with wispy clouds. I love the full moon.

Secondly, it is officially the first day of July. This means that the country is now a designated no-smoking zone. In my wildest dreams, until very recently, I think I would have considered this an outrageous infringement of my civil liberties. As a non-smoker, it now delights me.

Big Brother is still bobbing along at a fair old pace.

I haven't watched last night's episode of Jekyll yet, so please don't spoiler it for me.

I am still loco for Pogo.

I put some vintage Big Brother adverts on youtube. They are from Big Brother 6 which was the one with Citizen Science and Kemal and Derek..... well, you get the picture. Feel free to watch them.


  1. I'm definitely looking forward to going out now and not coming home with clothes smelling like an ashtray.

    Jekyll last night was rather cool, I ended up watching that then Big Momma’s House which I thought was a good film.

  2. Happy First-of-July-No-Smoking-Hooray to you too! Something to look forward to when next I head to jolly more near miss cigarette burns in crowded pubs!!

  3. The moon has been lovely here, too. I say "hello" to it whenever I can.

    And the first of July is also a big deal for another reason: It's Canada Day! It's our national holiday celebrating the creation of our country. We're not as all-out nutty as our friends down south with the expressions of devotion, but we do enjoy celebrating our country's birthday -- which I did in the compnay of some hairless Sphinx cats, named Zarvox and Barbarella. Velvety.

  4. I am disappointed. When you said you were crazy about pogo - I thought you meant regularly exercising on a pogo stick for adults! Instead it means sitting on your injured coccyx playing online games! Lazy $**!+?**!

  5. Sorry Pudding man.. I love POGO!!!

    Poppit,Freecell and Word Whomp. That's usually what I do on nights like this when I can't sleep. or should I say mornings.