Monday, July 09, 2007

Same again....

.... please landlord!!

My old bike ride - I used to cycle five miles in one direction (mostly uphill), turn around, and cycle back.

I used to do it for fun.

The first time I did it when I got my mountain bike, it probably took me a couple of hours. At peak, it probably used to take forty minutes.

It's a relentless slog, all the way out there to that car park on top of the moors.

It's not a steep hill.... but it's a five mile long hill!!

This morning, the sun was so bright and hot, I thought I would take the challenge.

I've only been back on my bike for a week (after a gap of about a year), and the weather keeps putting me off, so you have to build back up slowly right.

Sun beating down on my head......

Three miles in, and the heavens open. Flimsy t-shirt.... shorts..... soaked. Sunglasses, rendered positively dangerous.

I reach the car park. I stop and look out across the valley, gulp down some water, turn around and head back.

The sun comes out, and in the 10 minutes it takes me to get home, I am dry. Literally spun dry.

It would have looked like that in the sunshine!!

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  1. Are you some kind of perverted voyeur? There are two people in this picture about to lie down in the rough grass to make a baby! Is that what motivates you to cycle up that hill? Dirty boy!