Wednesday, July 18, 2007


Just a quick update inbetween thunderstorms........

I bought a "freeview" USB thing for my computer, so I now get a range of "free-to-air" satellite channels, which display beautifully on my (previously mentioned) nineteen inch Sony LCD monitor. It only cost me fifteen quid, and it's money well spent. I can now blog, play Pogo and watch Big Brother (live streaming) without leaving the comfort of my desk. Luxury, and a damn sight cheaper than buying the secondary television I had promised myself.

If anyone is interested in one of these nifty gadgets to watch TV on your computer, then give me a shout and I can give you a few pointers.

My desk now looks like some crazy command centre with little screens, volume controls, remote controls, USB hubs, dongles, and cables everywhere. There is no need for central heating any more. The heat generated by all this 24/7 equipment is phenomenal. I am probably quite responsible for the recent rain.

Positive feedback time - We all know how easy it is to complain about bad customer service. We all now how rare it is to receive good customer service. Well this is one story that I thought was going to end badly, that actually ended up being great:

My shredder (Swordfish 700DC) stopped working. No worries.... two years warranty. I contact the supplier, and they say to contact the manufacturer. I contact the manufacturer, and of course they say to contact the supplier. This is the point where I would start to explode........

Step forward customer service representative of the month, who not only agrees to simply send me a replacement shredder, but manages to raise a smile and a joke (via email of course) out of me. I say to the company in question: Snopake - You are lucky to have Kath Douglas working there. Well done!!

I rarely get round to responding to comments. I am very bad at it. Just to prove a point, here's my response to recent things.......

Various - The feeling of being "boxed in" and the desire to blog anonymously has now passed. Rol was right of course, if they can't take a blog then eff 'em, but in practice I can't go through with it. There's plenty to blog about without resorting to pure negatives.

Yorkshire Pud and Sophia - The issue of paragraphs and ellipses has now been covered in some detail. As far as I am concerned, a web page can never compete with or rival a book, and as such, the standard rules of punctuation and grammar and spelling can only be loosely adhered to. I am very unhappy with the length of some of my paragraphs today, and I guarantee that nobody has even been bothered to read this far!!

Maxxo and Grilled Pizza - Welcome to you..... pull up a pew, sit back and enjoy the ride. Can I get you a coffee?

Doh Doh - Gazebo schmazebo!!

Yorkshire Pud - "...collapse onto the bed for half an hour" - There's no reading between the lines here mister..... It does what it says on the tin. Big bed.... Sunshine...... Tired fox....... Luxurious afternoon snoozing.

Everyone - The "Love Hearts" were, of course, not actually Love Hearts at all. Those sweets are called "Whatevers" and you can get them from Asda. Soph, you can read all about chavs here!!


  1. Thank you for your kind welcome!
    White coffee for me please!

  2. errr, do you have tea? i don't drink coffee, sorry.

  3. Green tea, please.

    Oh, wasn't I included?

  4. Hi FoX,

    just stopping by to say Hi and to say that I haven't done a runner again...I'm still around

  5. What's carrot juice in Welsh?

  6. Carrot juice in Welsh is, as everyone knows:

    Sudd moron!!