Wednesday, July 11, 2007


Just effing raaaarrrrr!!!

I feel boxed in.... pacing the confines of my blog, unable to escape the enclosure.

Unable to express myself in case one of the lollygagging spectators might take offence.

Sometimes, and increasingly with time, I wish I blogged anonymously.

Long gone are the days when I didn't care who or what happened upon my random scribblings. The opportunity to jot cathartic etchings that purged my soul of its woes and worries have disappeared into the ether.

I'm just effing...... RAAAAAARRRR!!!!!

They say that one hundred pennies makes a pound.... and nobody can deny it.

I am of the controversial opinion that one hundred molehills do make a frikking big mountain.

Niggly things, monkeys on my back, gripes, bellyaches..... Just RAAAAARRRRR!!!!!

Sometimes I want to pull up the drawbridge...... Draw the curtains....... Park the car around the corner from my house (giving the impression that I am out).......... Turn off the phone.......


Do NOT feed the animals!!


  1. I know what you mean Fox, I also sometimes think that I should blog anonymously, there would be so much more I could write but then theres the worry of people taking offence to what I have written.

    However anonymous blogs are not always anonymous it might only take a few posts for people to work out who's who but then again the Internet is a rather large place.


  2. Raaaaaaar? Don't you mean Whaah! Whaah! (Snuffle) Whaaaaah! WHAAAAAHHHHH!
    There there Foxy! Mummy's brought you a nice cold lollipop! Now dry yer eyes and suck on it you silly sausage!

  3. Im with you mate, do an anonymous one too, choose which blog to post on by mood you're in.
    Pol x

  4. That's exactly why i'm anonymous, not everyone around me approves of putting my life and in turn theirs on the internet but it's my way of sorting things out in my own head,an outlet if you will.
    I may feel the same just writing things down and not receiving comments from Joe Public but when did some advice do any harm? I dont have to take it!

  5. Ah, fuck 'em if they can't take a blog.

    Go for it!