Thursday, July 19, 2007

Oh dear.

Well, the day has come, and almost gone, in which my mum's heart has been broken by the departure of my sister, brother-in-law, and her two grandsons, all bound for the sunnier climes of Australia, mate!!

By Saturday morning they'll be starting a new adventure, and I wish them all luck.

The weather (oh god, it's turning into another weather blog, do I NEVER have anything interesting to discuss??) has been really nice today. It's been the first day in (what feels like) weeks that we haven't had intermittent monsoonesque squalls.

A perfect day for a perfect bike ride you might think?

Man flu over the cuckoo's nest!!

Piss...... I've got the sniffliest of snot laden dripping nostrils. A tickly sore throat. Toothache. A sort of mildly spaced out type feeling.

I am of course dying!! No human has endured this level of flu before, and everyone must stop what they are doing and bring me paracetamol laced citrus flavoured beverages. Immediately.

I'm going to get in the bath, pull up the drawbridge, make myself a sandwich and sweat this virus out of me.


Eisteddfod said... What's carrot juice in Welsh?
Carrot juice in Welsh is, as everyone knows:
Sudd moron!!


  1. funny, i had a sore throat a few days ago. went for a run and it cleared up. that's never happened before. i am getting bitten by those pesky mutant flying ants tho ... hate 'em.

  2. I have never understood this notion of "man flu" put about by women who are the most gossipy bunch of hypochondriacal varmints that the Lord ever placed upon the face of this Earth! Like most men I never complain and never miss work. I think that if a man gets flu then it is very, very real and not a self-seeking exaggeration for sympathy and effect. Women on the other hand... Let's re-invent the terminology and speak of "woman flu" - much nearer the mark.

  3. You keep pulling up that drawbridge. Are you becoming some kind of hermit?

  4. Thanks mate...the reason you have such good weather is that you've sent it all here...floods and all... :)

    Anyway, hope you feel better...have you considered copious amounts of Guinness?? A good friend prescribed that recently...

  5. I was going to leave a comment about the weather, then I read the 'f' word and decided to stay well clear, being the total hypochondriac that I am.

    Get well soon, and until you do... keep well away!