Tuesday, July 10, 2007


I don't get it. For some strange reason, today, I feel emotional.

It's very unlike me.

I'm not often one to pay much heed to my emotions. They come and they go, and I know that they are as fleeting as thoughts.

I feel the need to immerse myself in something which will bury my emotional head in the sand. I begin to wonder how long I have already been immersed, and whether I have been hiding from it for any length of time already?

I am not even sure what it is that is making me emotional. I think sometimes we all like an outburst. I am not sure if "like" is the correct descriptor, but in the confines of a short blog entry, it will have to suffice.

I'm starting to feel a bit dangerous. I imagine waking on a metaphorical "morning after the night before" with an emotional hangover, wondering what the hell I have done, who I managed to offend, and who I sent all those drunken texts to. A bit out of sorts. Out of control and out of sorts. Yes, dangerous.

I put it down to the endorphin drain from starting to ride my bike again. Coupled with the fact that I am having a musical renaissance - listening to lots and lots of new music and really loving it. Perhaps my soul is being stirred..... although, with a saddle like that, I would have to say....

Shaken, not stirred!!

So, now I have a belly full of shredded wheat, coffee and granola bars. What to do? The sun's shining, but the prospect of a milky bile incinerating my guts as I propel my bike upwards, is not one which I can immediately stomach.

Big Brother is always there for me.

Pogo is down, and so am I.

Update: Ten miles of bike riding later... Pogo is back up..... I am rehydrated..... I've had some creatine..... A few really nice comments on me blog.... the world looks much better through my salt stained sunglasses.


  1. I was really concerned for you all the way through your post right until the very end when the comment "Pogo is down" appeared and then i knew what was wrong!!!
    Only joking bud, hope you ok really,as always here if you need a chat, love to Dawn xxx

  2. As a fellow lover of Pogo i sympathise!

  3. Sounds like PMT, mate - you need a hot bath,shedloads of chocolate and someone to blame.

  4. Mid life crisis? Join your local crown green bowling club! Who knows - you could be an international if you stick with it - like Willie Wood. Would he?

  5. I'm a girl, so I get to blame my emotional phases on hormones! When I get out of whack, I tell myself that emotions are merely chemicals in my brain. It doesn't really help, but I am hoping the repetition drives the message home eventually. :)
    I was glad to read the update that you are feeling better now.

    PS you hit the nail on the head with your comment about Wesley. He's got me wrapped around his chubby little finger. I guess Colleen does as well, to a degree, but it is nothing like how I react to Wesley. Mums and their boys!

  6. It's yer hormones, Fox. Take yerself to the vet and have the nuts chopped off. You'll feel better for it - takes away all of that emotional stuff.

  7. It's called being senscient. You should be thankful you are in that class. Look around you and tell me honestly that you'd sooner be dumb than sensitive. We, as men, get beaten to death for our insensivity when for the most part, we're every bit as compassionate as women.

    I tend to agree with Stan though. A bath and a glass of Chardonnay will do you no end of good. My preferenece is a bit of Galaxy chocolate with the vino. In fact I might do that myself now! With some Kate Bush going on -- how macho am I?

    Next time I'm on my way to Leeds, we really should meet up for a quick pop. But not in a bath. :)