Sunday, July 15, 2007

It's official.

I don't have a drink or drugs problem.

The worst thing that happens when I take drugs is that I want to come home and drink coffee.

The worst thing that happens when I get drunk is that I talk to eight year old girls about what sort of dog they own and train on the Nintendo DS Nintendogs game.

I consider myself to be fairly innocuous.

I can relate to adults (that wish to be tickled by fine Oliver Reedesque tales of debauchery) and children (who love playing computer games) alike.

Take for instance.... I am wearing a Super Mario Tshirt.... a guy that I haven't seen for about ten years comes up to me and says I haven't changed a bit - he didn't even need to speak to me!!

Such is life.

Believe me when I tell you I have "caned it" this weekend!!

I now have a season pass to "the priory".

So far, I've discussed stopping smoking with bouncers; talked Nintendog strategy with young girls; I've played golf in the spare bedroom; I've danced with my brother-in-law's brother on the bowling green; Tried to commission new windows for my house; potentially landed two weeks work as a labourer; enabled freeview on my computer; pissed off dozens of friends, relatives and strangers... and it's only just gone Sunday evening.

Not a bad weekend. You have to admit, that's good going for any idiot!!

Here's a random collection of pissed up photos!!

Rob "blissed out"!

Lenny "Having it large style"

The Len and the Westy - Brothers in booze!!

Leesy; Westy; Lenny; Wimpsy; Orey!!

Rob n Paul - I got you bro!!

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  1. Sounds and looks like you had a good weekend mate!
    Pol x