Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Cut off.

Stranded at Pole Moor. I have no internet access and it's driving me mad. I know it shouldn't, but it does. I sit and watch the lights on the ADSL modem flashing, trying desperately to connect with the outside world, but alas, their efforts are in vain. There is nobody out there.

I want to believe!!

It's a sunny morning (for a change). Dappled light filters into the lounge through the overgrown jungle just beyond. Honeysuckle and clematis shadows shimmer up the walls. From the rear window I can see big clouds in an even bigger sky. The seed heads of grass waving above a stone wall.

Sunrise, Yorkshire style.

I had to laugh at some of the recent comments that have been left for me (during my uncontrollable absence). There's nothing wrong with reading Harry Potter!! It's the book (or at least series of books) that made kids start to read again. The biggest mistake in my mind, is that they turned them into films.

I DO remember one period when I was working away from home that the Potter books helped me to remain reasonably sane. Although in retrospect, the people involved in that project may well not agree with that last statement. I recall spending a lot of time at my desk with my sunglasses on, clutching a plastic cup in my mouth (which was stuffed with pink paper)........


Two whole hours later, and the internet connection that was so rudely interrupted, manages to get a word in edgewise again.

You'll never know about the pink paper and plastic cup, and you can blame Pole Moor for that!!

I chase a chicken from the kitchen, and the sun goes in. Oh to be in Yorkshire, now that summer is here.

I doff my respectful cap in Yorkshire Pudding's direction with regards to his predicted North VS South news eligibility challenge with regards to the recent flooding. He saw it coming and although I believed him, I have still been shocked at the difference.

This is Arctic Fox reporting for AFBC News, signing off before the ....blip!


  1. First there was Isaiah then Elijah and now the new prophet is none other than yours truly! The coverage of the Gloucestershire and Berkshire floods has been superb with politicians hovering around. Meanwhile in Hull the council's erratic Flood Fund has gathered... wait for it £110,000 to date! Jeez! Huddersfield Town would spend that on a full back! It is such a pathetic amount... Next prophecy - let's just see how much the Down South floods attract! Oh and I predict you will fart tonight in bed at sufficient volume to disturb your neighbours!

  2. Hurrah for another adult who will freely admit to reading the Harry Potter books.

    My summer book club scoffed at me for it. And I'm almost over the insult! :)

    Enjoy your solitude, peace and quiet are as necessary for the soul as companionship.


  3. you are absolutely right about harry potter...that made kids start to read again...
    it might be interesting to know that elijah wood has a twin brother in estonia :D


    on the left: remo savisar
    on the right: elijah wood

    and i think you will enjoy remo's photoblog:
    you can use your time alone to watch his archive
    have fun