Thursday, July 12, 2007


A random music robbing spree.......

I love to get music for free..... it's not something everyone agrees with.

On a quest to find an album for my "ladyfriend" this evening......

I start to download this album - it's a double - forty tracks!!!

I think it's just rude to take forty tracks from someone and not even say hello.

We chat a while and swap some music ideas.... likes and dislikes.... that sort of thing......

Then he tells me about this!!!

Erik Mongrain - Playing guitar in a style called "airtapping".

I like it, and that's a positive to stealing music!!

(Don't forget to stop my media player over there on the right hand side before playing this video otherwise you'll be MC'ing a whole heap of noise!!)

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  1. PERSONAL ADVICE - Less paragraph changes or the Grammar Squad will be cruising up to Huddersfield with their baseball bats!