Saturday, June 23, 2007


.... in the extreme.

All this technology. All the money that's been spent. The wealth of information at our fingertips. I trawl the web and bring you some of its finer aspects.

First - Did you know Popeye actually had four identical nephews? Neither did I!! Believe it or not, they were called Peepeye, Pupeye, Poopeye and Pipeye. This is what they look like!!

Secondly. I thought I had a misspent youth. I always figured I played too many video games and neglected my studies. I could have been a better person. I could have been a world leader.

Then, I discovered a bunch of people who seemingly have misspent a greater proportion of their youth than I could even imagine.

Here is just one of them!! (Stick with the video.... the second half of it shows just how amazing his footwork is)


  1. Hey, Fox! Thanks for the visits. I was going to get round to you, i remember you leaving a comment on my first blog about the smoking ban. Yes it is a bit of a no brainer, but the argument they use to justify the ban is second hand smoke (Mostly). Because they can't prove second hand smoke can cause cancer ect, the argument and one of the main reasons for the ban is flawed. Then again, this Governments used to making things up to get what it wants isn't it? Iraq for example! The only thing they had to gain from banning smoking was votes by the majority of the population who don't smoke, so they aren't botherd about a loss of money, as long as they get voted in. I still think there shoud have been a partial ban, so people like us can go out and have a meal ect without having the smell of cigs in the air!

    The idea you came up with about making a secodary blog was one i already had and was attempting to do on myspace. But i've been having problems doing stuff there, so i may just join you on here. I'll keep you up to date with it.

    Thanks for the comments and your opinions are allways welcome on my space.

    Till next time take care.


  2. Hey again, sorry i forgot to comment on your blog! I did know Popeye had nephewes. I saw them in the new version of popeye back in the day on the BBC.

    As for that dance machine, i'm far to tall, fat and uncoordinated to do it! Maybe if they had it round when i was a teen i wouldn't be so fat and uncoordinated? ha ha ha. I spent far to much of my teens sat on my arse playing Sonic The Hedghog and numerous of platform games, but they were happy times when i was oblivious to the world!

    Oh well, back to reality!