Saturday, June 30, 2007

The things.....

The things you do for a quiet life.

Ok, so trying to keep something a secret by writing about it in my blog, was not the best brainwave I have had this week.

Realising that to placate Kirsty, I would have to go on another bike ride last evening, was also not the smartest thing I have come up with this week.

The saddle soreness that is plaguing me today is not something I would lightly wish on an enemy.

I feel like I have been jolly well rogered.

Standing...... in the kitchen, waiting for the kettle to boil.

I glance around.

There's shopping on the table. Bags of sweet things, salty thing, greasy things and anything that's considered bad. Of course, this is my cigarette substitute and I don't feel too bad about it now I am back on my bike.

I take a cup from the cupboard. The cupboard door feels strange. The hinges are probably on their last legs, and I am reminded how owning a house seems to be a never ending string of minor annoyances like this.

Standing by the kettle waiting for it to boil.

Outside the window, I notice a baby bluetit and a baby robin eating the bird food that I have supplied for them. Fledgelings. I am pleased with myself for supporting the breeding and indeed survival rate of these feathered friends.

Subconsciously I've managed to eat half a bag of Jelly Babies while the kettle boiled. I'm annoyed that these tasty treats contain boiled cow bones.

My lungs will be good but I would make a bad diabetic.

Coffee in hand, back to the computer.


  1. But how do you KNOW what it feels like to be "jolly well-rogered"? Got ya there didn't I buddy! Look out for a gel bike seat or cycling shorts that are padded in the nether zone. If you were still smoking you would be panting like an old steam train when cycling so give yourself a brownie point... and that isn't a cunning allusion to the notion of rogering!

  2. agreed padded shorts would help, but the root of the problem is that my twice shattered coccyx makes the transition between seated and standing very troublesome, so I tend to spend longer sat down on the bike than I should.