Wednesday, June 20, 2007


I have to apologise to a few people who have recently found my site, and not found what they were specifically looking for. The following is a list of random search terms which landed people on my blog. Hopefully they will all now find what they were looking for.

"how to break poison sword red steel" - Well actually, it was quite easy when I worked it out. The first thing you have to do is dodge - Press C on the nunchuk and left or right on the nunchuk joystick (together) while the crazy ninja takes a swing at you (he kind of makes a little noise just as he is making his move). Once you've successfully dodged his attack, swing the nunchuk about like crazy and you should give his sword a good whack. In practice, I did this twice and it broke the poison sword. Killing him after that was a whole different heap of bother.

"3d pictures of arctic fox" - Try here.

"Lyrics, Draw your brakes, Scotty" - Yes, I know, the lyrics for this song can't be found anywhere on the internet, and I've written about this before. Still, if anyone does find it, come back and tell me.

"arctic fox eating something" - Well, there are lots of pages with images of arctic foxes eating. The search term "arctic fox feeding" produce better results, and on this page there's one eating a snow goose.

"garden news magazine top tray" - Try here!!

"esprino-group" - Don't even go there, it's a Nigerian Prince scam.

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  1. Hey, some of my best friends are Nigerian Princes, so less of the ethno-centric humour, please. Who do you think you are? Bernard Manning?