Friday, June 29, 2007


Don't tell Kirsty.....

I've been back on my bike!!

Since I stopping smoking, I have been wanting to get back on the old push-iron. It's about a year since I was last on it, and that makes me a bit sad.

There was a little bit of maintenance to do, and there's still a frayed gear cable that needs replacing, but I've done it, I've been out there.

I have a little circuit that starts with a bit of a hill climb, and then cuts across the moors and a quarry, before planting me firmly back on a downhill road stretch to my house.

I notched up 30mph as I reached my little village today... very pleasant.

I rode it yesterday, and again today. Apart from the customary saddle-soreness, I actually felt a lot better doing it today than I did yesterday.

I promised Kirsty that I would take her out for a bike ride, but the weather has been so foul.... So don't tell her that I have been without her.

I think I will have a ride down to the bike shop tomorrow and get the gear cable sorted.

A few miles today........ From tiny acorns and all that bollocks!!


  1. fine then you stupid man!!! thats all iv got to say.

  2. Isn't parental responsibilty wonderful?

  3. I know I had a clever little comment to post, but I forgot it entirely after reading your other two comments. They got a big smile out of me!