Thursday, June 14, 2007


A random day. A random blog.

Fresh water accounts for only three percent of all the water on the planet.

Twenty percent of the fresh water is held within the oldest and deepest lake on the planet - Lake Baikal - Four hundred miles long and fifty miles wide.

Go figure that out.

The other eighty percent of earth's fresh water is in Huddersfield. It's been steadily falling out of the sky and onto my head for the last two days.

It's June and for the most part that means it's monsoon season in Yorkshire.

Every year at this time, the country's entire population of slugs and snails hop aboard a steam engine bound for Howarth. Upon arrival, they catch a fleet of connecting buses, and subsequently distribute themselves evenly amongst the gardens of Yorkshire.

For some strange reason, this year, they got it wrong and all ended up in MY garden.


I would like to take this opportunity to say - Welcome back to my old friend KJ, who, after an eighteen month blogging hiatus has returned. Hooray!!

I would also like to express my frustration at being stuck on some bloody stupid bit of Red Steel where I have to break this crazy ass ninja's poison sword, before I can start to even fight him fairly. I growl!!

Today being Thursday, I can only eat food beginning with the letter "P". I had pasta for lunch, pickled eggs and pecorino with pumpernickel for tea, and for supper I am having porkless pie.


  1. Thanks FoX!! It's great to be back. If it makes you feel any better, its raining buckets here in the Caribbean too!


  2. On the "s" day you could eat slugs. I mean it. In days gone by some country folk would chomp on those shiny bulbous black ones or preserve them in salt for the wintertime. You could even become a self-employed slug producer.
    Mmmm! Fresh Yorkshire Slugs from the Arctic Fox Slug Farm!

  3. Emigrate to Canada. 34 degrees C again today, at it's height. Hardly any slugs - and the few that are here are tiny. Mrs spice could never believe the giants that she saw in the UK.

    Yorkshire pudding might have a point with eating slugs - high protein and low fat - Do them in breadcrumbs and you could pass them off as McNuggets.

  4. How to deal with slugs can be painful,
    Put out a margerine tin with about 2 inches of beer in the bottom, they drown in the beer,can't keep away from beer, now if you want to eat them, at least they'll taste like beer!