Wednesday, June 27, 2007


I have a problem, and the first part of curing it is to admit to it.

I am a Pogo addict.

Moreover, I am a complete and utter badge whore.

Even as I type this blog with my left hand, my right hand is arranging cards in a game of "Rainy Day Spider Solitaire" trying to earn my "Itsy Bitsy Spider" badge for a personal challenge.

I can only imagine that maybe one in a hundred people who might read the above paragraph is not scratching their head in dumbfounded response. Those that know, will instinctively know what I mean.

My free internet big brother link is buggered. The result of its buggery is that I now have to occasionally leave my bedroom, my laptop and pogo, to go downstairs and watch a snippet or two of the live big brother feed. Grrrrrr.

Happy anniversary to me. Last night was in fact my fourteen week anniversary of stopping smoking. I tend to mention this at various milestones, but today I mention it for the following reason:

Emma has stopped smoking!!

If you can all press your hand on your monitor and send some positive vibes and healing power in Emma's direction, I know she will appreciate it.

As for the nicotine lozenges.......

Yes, indigestion was a side effect.

Yes, the worst case of flatulence ever imaginable was an added bonus.

Yes, it did last for quite a while.

On the bright side, the downsides will make you want to wean yourself off them at the first opportunity.

I managed to take nine of the four mg lozenges per day for six weeks, then I just stopped altogether.

Stay with them, learn to love them. I found they made my throat a bit sore, but eventually came to associate that sensation with the idea that I was getting my fix. In the end, I loved the sensation in the same way that you might have once loved smoking a cigarette. Coming off the lozenges was the easiest thing to do in the end, and I know I didn't follow the guidelines...... I only did half a course.

Try to keep a record of when you had your last cigarette, and how long it has been since then.

Don't be afraid to know that if you want a cigarette you can have one. I have had cigarettes in the house ever since I stopped and haven't wanted one once. Knowing I can have one if I want one makes it easier for me.

Here's me giving advice..... Ignore all advice and do whatever helps you through it.

You have all the support right here.... Good luck, and well done for making a start.


  1. Go, Emma, go! I want to be like you when I grow up!

    And Pogo? I blame you entirely, FoX.

    Playing Jungle Gin right now. Thinking I should shower before I go out to get stuck with acupuncture needles, but can't...stop...playing...


  2. Thanks Fox, reading that has actually helped! I'm now on day 4 and so is Chris.
    We are both utterly fed up and unsociable and wondering where our reward is for this hell which is not really how we imagined our first weeks as a married couple!
    Got to say though i do have a little bit in the back of my mind thats a little bit proud of my mere 4 days.
    I'm just waiting for the day when i dont notice i havent had a fag!

  3. I wasnt going to leave another comment till you had posted again but i had to share with you that in my attempt to give up smoking (which you have been very supportive about) i have stopped going outside at work during breaks and lunch so that i am not tempted to have a fag, this lunchtime i popped over here to see you and you having not posted i thought i'd visit some of your friends!
    I wandered over to see Blue-Skimonkey as i hadnt been there before and found your mate who has just started blogging and was interesting!
    Woohoo someone else to read!
    So in the spirit of encouraging new bloggers i decided to leave a comment, as you did with me when i started,only to discover he doesnt accept comments from anonymous bloggers i.e.if you dont have a blogger or google account.
    So say Hi to your mate for me and tell him i was so frustrated it made me think of fags for the first time today! Grrrr!
    So thought it might amuse you how the slightest little things wind you up when you want a fag lol
    See ya later bud
    Pol xxx

  4. Ooops sorry for that pol, hope your frustration didnt lead to you having a smoke.

    I gave up about 5 years ago had a few moments when i started again, then I quit again and just had social smokes when out in the pub. I think that lasted about 3/4 months then I gave up completly and never looked back.

    It's amazing how much money you can save :)