Monday, June 04, 2007


There was a cow from Huddersfield,
Who said that her milk would not yield,
Unless she had her udders feeled.

Not exactly a great advert for Huddersfield, but there it is.

Speaking of adverts, it would take a special sort of person to pass up the opportunity of pointing out:

Skoda recently made an advert for one of their cars, the Skoda Fabia.

Reputedly, the advert cost a cool half a million pounds to make. That's nearly a million US dollars!!

You gotta see the advert to believe it I guess, but basically, they make a car out of cake. Yes, plain old cake.

The disturbing aspects of this cake car, are:

The cost of the advert was equivalent to about the purchase price of sixty of their cars!

As glorious as the car looks in the finished item, it was deemed unfit for human consumption and ended up on a compost heap.

Now, I like to see a good advert as well as the next guy, but you sometimes have to wonder if there wouldn't be a more efficient use of time, money, and resources.

Does a car made out of cake really sell more cars?

Is it money well spent??

If I buy a Skoda Fabia, am I just buying a small slice of this very expensive cake?

With all the technology available to us, would it have made a difference if the cake car was actually a real cake?

I wonder.............

Well, for what it's worth, you can see the ad here...... Just don't buy the car, OK? Deal??


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  2. Why are you becoming so popular in the non-English speaking world?

    Weird, weird, weird.

  3. Now, you know I love to make pretty things out of cake but that commercial SUCKED. What was the point, really? What nimrod thought of that brilliant idea? If they liked the tag line so much "Full of lovely stuff" why didn't they just take an already made car and fill it up with heart shaped balloons? Then they could have an adorable kid or beautiful adult come out and open the car door and all the balloon hearts could come spilling out. THEN "Full of lovely stuff" would make sense. What idiots. All that food wasted. They ought to be fined. Boneheads.

  4. Spanglechuck nockeri, nockeri plong foobling blogski. Spraa chee wit klong felp mooli, Fox, par montelomeeri. Spangspang nooklum brongel chango. Groot chee blat felp Fox han Dawn, harkle mo harkles.

  5. I was going to launch into my usual Bill Hicks anti-advertising monologue... then I noticed that commercial was directed by Julie Andrews.

    Good to know the old dear's still getting working.

  6. The fact that we are even discussing this ad proves that the Skoda people have got their message through. In that sense it is a truly brilliant piece of advertising and it would not surprise me one jot if you yourself bought a Fabia. They are very good cars anyway.