Sunday, June 24, 2007


10 Start writing blog.
20 Delete blog entry.
30 goto 10

Whilst awaiting another bout of misguided inspiration, I make cheese on toast.

One large coffee, two slices of cheese on toast, three coconut mushrooms, two pontefract cakes, one werthers butter mint and a large lump of cheddar later..... breakfast is served.

I sit at the computer and rue the number of times I have begun today's blog entry. This is possibly my fifth attempt.

The birds are singing outside, and through the closed curtains I can hear voices. Life at the crown green bowling club in Outlane is beginning.

Sunday morning and cotton wool behind my eyes.

I get hangovers very easily, and although not severe, it's annoying. A three pint hangover. I don't deserve to come from the north.

(insert time gap - Making Dawn some breakfast; Taking the dog for a walk; reading the Sunday papers; Snooze; Tidying the house; Late lunch; Some big brother)

Cue Sunday evening.

I am sitting at the computer in my tidy bedroom.

My tummy is full from a late lunch of fish, broad beans, asparagus and new potatoes.

All is well with the world.


  1. Hangover???? Clearly you're not drinking Guinness my son

  2. I'm a one pint hangover...but then I am one of those poncey southerners!