Thursday, June 21, 2007

Following on......

and leading ahead.

It's a cheap shot, I know, but I really love the strange search strings that lead people to my blog.

So much so, that by simply repeating those strange search strings, I can perpetuate them infinitely.

I know it doesn't make for "good blogging" and it's not quite like reading about someone's personal dilemmas, but you have to agree that some of these strings make you curious!!

what happens if you crunch nicotine lozenges (Google)
I can only imagine that someone who recently gave up smoking was finding that the "hit" from nicotine lozenges was just not enough.

Jenni Falconer smoking (Google)
Good fetish action.

left to my own devices today (Google)
I wouldn't have it any other way.

do people nice things to the arctic fox? (Google)
I don't get it... Are you telling us "to do nice things to Arctic Foxes" or asking us if we do?

baby Arctic foxes for sale (Google)
Where?? Where??

greg wallace veg guru (Google)
Yes, he is, but you won't find him here!! Try the BBC website.

"Garden News" Magazine "top tray" (Google)
I wrote about this yesterday, but it's a wicked search. The "top tray" is a term used in fruit and veg competitions - It's a collection of all your finest produce displayed, imaginatively, on a tray.

bubbling bowels (Google)
Sorry I couldn't offer much comfort. Try laying down with a hot water bottle on your tummy.

what can the arctic fox not do very well (Google)
The list is endless.

cow poem udders huddersfield (Google)
Brilliant. I wrote this poem down a few days ago and already it's appearing.

what does the arctic fox eat and stuff (Google)
I know what he eats, but I don't know what he stuffs!!

room to write about the Arctic Foxes (Google)
There's always room to write about an arctic fox, even if it's just a little bit of space at the bottom of that page you are writing on, or a beermat, or even etched into a single grain of rice. Perhaps someone wanted to rent a room where they could write about arctic foxes?? Well, I have a spare, contact me for rates.

piers morgan (Google)
Hahaha I am proud to be the centre of information on Piers Morgan.

"jimmy saville" animated gif (Google)
I laughed so hard I blew snot bubbles when I considered that there might be a Jimmy Saville animated gif out there somewhere. I hope it doesn't involve young girls too.

the was a cow from huddersfield (Google)
Oh, that Huddersfield cow. A gem. A literary gem, I tells ya.

Slut Susie in Blackpool (Google)
slut suzie blackpool (Google)
slutsuzie blackpool (Google)
Her website, like Suzie, is well and truly shagged. Blackpool hooker with some unsavoury twists that would turn the air blue. Perhaps that explains her popularity?

who are "pinch" and "punch" publicity (Google)
Good question.

And so it goes on.

I have managed to mention young girls, a slut, Jenni Falconer, Jimmy Saville, and Piers Morgan, all in one blog entry.

I pity the poor bugger that finds this page based on those criteria!!


  1. Someone the other day came to my unfashionable corner of cyber-space via google and the search string "alan sugar jewish roots".

    I think that's potentially the name of one of the worst albums of all time. Imagine : the up-himself fatcat in a yarmulke singing "If I were a Rich Man" to a slamming reggae dancehall back-beat.

  2. It may just be by pc, Fox, but I really can't read that dark blue on black text. Shame, I was intrigued by the bits in white!

  3. Re: text colour - apologies - I normally know better than to tinker with text colours and stuff.

    Some people read blogs through means other than a web browser and so they see things as black text on white background - so when I monkey about with things that look ok on black background, well they can't read it....

    I don't know what I was thinking really.

    It just looks like I am patronising now, and have made it all big type so you can read it Rol - that's not the case.... just wanted somehow to differentiate the queries from my responses.

    Formatting..... we should all learn to bloody leave things alone really.

  4. Well I don't know how you know what particular searches have emerged through Google. Perhaps you could do a simple blog entry that explains to dumbos like me how you actually check search strings?