Friday, June 08, 2007

Bugger it.

I am getting myself sucked into a Big Brother blog, and also into a war of semantics on behalf of a broadcasting company.

There's no easy way out of this for me now.....

I pull the Big Brother covers over my head and hope it goes away.

I am not too well today.

Approximately seven AM and a Nokia tune is clawing at my eyelids. Regardless, my optics remain firmly shuttered.

I can only imagine that the snooze button was engaged before my medulla oblongata was grabbed by a vibrating phone beneath the pillow.

Still, my eyes remain fettered.

Drifting in through an open window, a delirious cacophony of sparrows, blackbirds, wood pigeons, and starlings.

Sensations begin to arrive.

Tightness in my chest. Stomach churning. Internal organs jarring. Limbs aching.

Perhaps it's flu?

Worse still.... it could be man flu??

I roll out of bed and groan and growl as my eyes finally open.

Lemsip - It actually tastes nice, so I must be poorly.

Spent the day rolling about my lounge, wrapped in a quilt which has now seemingly separated itself into the four corners of the quilt cover.

I'm grumpy and miserable...... Nothing new then.


  1. Probably caught the plague from that rat in your garden.

  2. I just get horny when my medulla oblongata is grabbed by a vibrating phone.