Tuesday, June 26, 2007


Seems half of Yorkshire is clearing up today.

We have had more than our fair share of rain over the last couple of days.

Some parts of Yorkshire have managed a month's rain in twenty-four hours.

For me, it hasn't been much worse than a cartload of ash tree pieces strewn about the lawn.

I'm quite fortunate to live on the top of a very large range of hills.

Not so the residents of Ulley in South Yorkshire, where the threat of a compromised dam has resulted in them being evacuated.

I won't harp on about individual cases like that.... have a look for yourself.

Amateur pictures.

Official report.


In other news, I wanted to mention a small concern of mine.

When I was a child, the tooth fairy was worth anything from five pence to twenty pence per tooth.

These days, the tooth fairy is paying out a whopping one pound per tooth.

By my calculations, the tooth fairy industry in Britain is currently worth a whopping twenty million pounds a year to our toothless shareholders.

Would it not make more sense to reward children who manage to keep their teeth embedded in their skulls?


  1. £1 your lucky the going rate in Leicester seems to be £1.50 one parent at Chloe's school said their tooth fairy gives £2.

    Shocking hey!

  2. Speaking of tooth fairies and the going rates for teeth, you'll appreciate this tale, methinks:


  3. Fox mate are you still a non smoker?
    I'm on day 3 with these lozenges and am doing okish but these damn things are giving me indigestion if i so much as look at them and i am seriously not sleeping well!
    When does it get better mate?

  4. Doh! Ever heard of FIRST teeth? They wobble loose naturally as the adult teeth push through so why the !*?*! would you want the little darlings to keep thir first teeth in their heads? Pity the Great Yorkshire Flood didn't creep up your hill in the night!....Only kidding dude!