Tuesday, May 08, 2007

What the.....

.... bloody hell is going on?

I haven't updated my blog for a couple of days, and my web stats have, in my absence, reached new highs, of which I have never seen the likes.

I decided to look into where these extra readers are coming from and what they are trying to find.

Firstly, I am pleased to say that the majority of people are finding my blog whilst looking for "arctic fox" in some incarnation...... There don't seem to be many of my nemeses "artic fox" searches getting through to me. It seems my persistence in educating the masses about ensuring they use a "C" in the word "arCtic", is finally paying dividends.

Secondly, I have noticed some quite disturbing search criteria that are finding me. I know I should not publish these search terms, because it will just perpetuate their association with my blog..... bugger it...... here they are anyways:

1) deceased mothers day poems
2) lambs gambling on the lawn
3) cottaging huddersfield
4) vanessa phelps wife swap
5) all no limit arctic
6) giana sisters jar
7) japanese proverb bloom sake sun tipsy
8) oven bottom muffins
9) tighty whitey wrestling

Quite a haul, I am sure you'll agree.

I am most interested to know if anyone can shed any light on the Japanese proverb one!!

I do not want to know about cottaging in Huddersfield.

Rat update: Today, all the bait was gone, the trap was sprung..... the cage was empty!!!

Went out walking in the pouring rain today. It was quite harsh and bleak in parts, but it DOES make you feel alive. It was nice to see Duncs today, and to share the walk with him. It was also very nice of the lovely Dawn, to visit my house in my absence and tidy it up..... she's a rare treasure!!

I leave you with one of my favourite quotes of the moment:

"I was born a cynical bastard..... I'll die a cynical bastard" - Rab C Nesbitt


  1. Hi there!

    I am not feeling especially creative today, so no witty comment, but didn't want to lurk! :)

    Hope all is well, congrats on the not smoking. Every day you don't is a day your body thanks you!


  2. Cottaging in Huddersfield? Isn't that what estate agents do?

  3. I wonder if the haiku stint has made you vulnerable to Japanese proverb-searchers. Also remember that your dear readers' inane comments that include things like 'spectacular vagina' also show up in your search results.

    You could always try a search yourself for the same word combos and see how you turn up.

  4. Aha - September 22, 2005 is the proverb culprit.

  5. How do you carry out this search check thingy? Is it something I can do too?

    Do you not also gets lots of confused Arctic Monkeys fans crashing your way?