Sunday, May 20, 2007


It just goes to show, the inequalities of life.

I have been officially missing since nine AM on Thursday, until now. That's three whole days, and nobody has even tried to phone me to see if I was alright, or whether my parents had enjoyed their Tapas!!

In truth, one friend did phone me, but it wasn't to see if I was alright, it was to see if I wanted to go round to his house to play fishing on the Nintendo Wii (pronounced, not like the Geordie hello - why aye!, but like the noise a small child makes when urinating - wee!).

Did I want to play video games? Does Margaret Thatcher have swastikas tattooed on each buttock? But of course!!

I am now suffering from Wii shoulder, which doesn't of course mean one of my shoulders has reduced in size, to the extent that it causes discomfort. Wii shoulder is more akin to tennis elbow, but slightly higher, roughly in the shoulder department as opposed to the elbow department.

I think everyone who has ever touched a Wii, has at some point received some form of injury, no matter how trivial.

My shoulder just feels like I have been shaking my arm wildly about, like trying to swat giant virtual flies, which is of course the control mechanism of said console.

Anyway, the fishing was good.

I have a strange fetish for fishing games. I loves em.

In other news.....

For Toad, today is Sunday, and for me, that means I am hoping it's also a day of sun.

Random commenter - Fishing through backdated blog postings at random and commenting. You make me feel warm all down my legs. I specifically enjoy comments like: "a post without a comment is a lonely thing".

Sir Pudding of Yorkshire - The very second I read your comment, I had a sickly feeling that we'd missed a fantastic opportunity to sell them rubber wristbands on eBay. There don't appear to be any on there, and apparently a green and yellow one would make us more money.

Sunday blogs don't come any cheaper, or less read than right here on blogger.


  1. If you really care about Madeleine you will buy an FA Cup Final Madeleine video from me - you know the one shown before the game. Failure to purchase will prove you are a heartless wretch - Send £14.99 immediately + £4.50 for postage and packing (inclusive of bubble wrap). Maddy ! Maddy! Where are you?

  2. Fox, that's what happens when you live on your own, I know 'cause I've been there. Unfortunately there's no consolation in knowing that you'll be headline news in The Examiner six months after you die and your mummified body is discovered when the mortgage company repossesses your house.

    On the other hand if you have cats they will have eaten you and all that will remain will be a pile of bleached bones along with the triumphant echo of rat laughter in the garden.

    Just a thought to cheer you up.

  3. Is it wrong to be reading a Sunday blog on Monday morning? Now there's a philosophical question for ya.

  4. Hope you had a happy Sunday. We went for a long drive all over the peninsula of Washington. It was pouring down rain the whole trip. We enjoyed it though.