Saturday, May 12, 2007

Toad in the hole!!

I wasn't going to make a blog posting today.

I haven't been up to much. Got up late.... Played some Nintendo (of course)...... Went out for some lunch..... Visited the folks..... Came home, and the two pint lunch caught up with me.... Snoozed on the sofa to the dulcet tones of Alan Titchmarsh explaining something about an ice age??

It's all there in a nutshell, not that my blog is merely a boring "woke up, had some toast, got dressed" kind of journal you understand.

I've been goaded (or is that toaded?) into making a posting though.

I know I've been ranting about lurkers recently.

I know I encourage everyone to leave their pawprint in the sand, as they walk across my mind.

So, what is it that's wound me up?

See yesterday?? Well of course you can't actually see yesterday as such, but you can see the post I made yesterday clear enough. It's down there underneath this one (unless this one happens to be the last one on the page and yesterday's post has fallen off the stack into the archives - It's true that yesterday's blog is today's virtual chip paper!).

Well..... If you look at yesterday, you will clearly see, that at the top of the posting it carries a date stamp. It was obviously Friday, hence the title of the blog entry. The whole blog entry is about it being Friday.

Someone called Toad has been and commented on yesterday's blog (today), that it is in fact Saturday.

The irony of this comment is tearing me apart.

I know today is Saturday. I know I shouldn't be bothered by this comment. It's either a cleverly crafted mindfrik, or an incredibly silly reader. I can't decide, and it's making my head explode.

Coupled with the fact that Toad left no clue as to who they might be, or their reciprocal blog address....... I'm scuppered.

I fully anticipate a flood of comments telling me the day now, but believe me, once it's been pulled, my leg's not going to fall for that one again. Pull the other one, it's got bells on, as they say in Yorkshire!


  1. It seems as if the entire animal kingdom is ganging up on you, Fox. It must be something to do with this rat business.

    Come to think of it this whole episode seems like it's turning into a chapter from Wind In The Willows.

  2. Sorry about the anonymous comment, mate. Didn't mean to give you nightmares, I just proper screwed up when I put the URL in