Thursday, May 03, 2007

They saw me coming.

Gripped, as I am, with snooker fever, during the 2007 world championship, and constantly on the search for a suitable console equivalent of the omnipotent PC based Virtual Pool series of games, I plumped for a copy of International Snooker Championship for the PS2.

Excitedly, I tore myself away from watching the snooker on the TV and plugged in the PS2 and loaded the game.

Arctic Fox wins the toss and decides to break.

It's a good break. The cue ball travels down the table, and makes contact with the pack of reds. A couple of red balls move marginally, and the cue ball travels round the angles and returns to the balk line. Not perfect, but you'd settle for it.

Up steps Johnny "Elvis" Cage, my computer opponent......

117 points later, and with just the black ball left on the table, Johnny finally misses, and rubs salt into my wounds.

I say, to nobody in particular "What kind of a fekking game is this?". I switch it off and put the TV back on.

On reflection, I guess only a fool would take a computer on at any sport..... Just like it would take an extra special sort of dick to play at an online casino..... But that's another story!!

Rol: Thanks for pointing out my broken link - Seems sometimes when I tag the target="_blank" on the end of the link, it sometimes screws it up..... the tag launches the link in a new window so you don't end up navigating away from my blog. It's fixed now.

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  1. Sad old git! See if you lived in Sheffield you'd be down at our Crucible watching the real thing instead of huddling over a candle falme with your mug of Horlicks in the wilds fields of the Hudder.

  2. falme = flame (Old English spelling)