Thursday, May 17, 2007


.... and mirrors.

The news is full of the disappearance of a little girl in Portugal, whose parents thought it was more important to fill their bellies, than it was to be a parent.

I am not going to go into the whys and wherefores of it all.... It's already received enough attention. Just remember, next time you're tucking into your patatas bravas..... Where are YOUR children!!

What DOES concern me, is that the inordinate amount of media coverage lavished on this incident is detracting from other stories. Some of these other stories, that are sidelined, and shielded from our view, would under normal circumstances be headlining.

Take for instance the fact that a male nurse from Texas has managed to pocket a cool twenty five thousand pounds (50000 USD; 55000 CAD) by winning the US Rock Paper Scissors final.

How about the fact that a gardener from London has managed to break the furniture land speed record, by travelling at ninety two miles per hour on a sofa!!

Not tickled by either of those nuggets? Then how about taking part in the world's first underwater golf tournament, in a fifty foot deep aquarium in China??

As if that isn't enough.....

Tony Blair has decided he has had enough and picked a great week to announce it.... shhhh Tony, someone might notice!!

Prince Harry isn't going to go to war in Iraq?? Apparently, his very presence there would endanger the lives of the other soldiers in his squadron. Personally I think it's the presence of Iraqis that puts them at risk. Don't tell anyone though.

In other news, it would seem that the government have picked a lovely quiet week to u-turn over the issue of hybrid embryo research. Now, finally, I might get that monkey-man I have always dreamed of training as a butler!! It's ok though, because the embryos would only be 0.1 percent animal, and the rest is all human.

Watch out for a post office closing near you.... yes, of course, that old chestnut..... two and a half thousand post offices will be closed, but if we pick the right week to tell them, then nobody will mind. They're all too busy buying yellow ribbons. Perhaps if they sold those ribbons at post offices then they wouldn't have to close?

Can you tell I am a bit pissed off?


  1. "Prince Harry isn't going to go to war in Iraq?? Apparently, his very presence there would endanger the lives of the other soldiers in his squadron. Personally I think it's the presence of Iraqis that puts them at risk. Don't tell anyone though."

    -Genius mate! Just kill all the Iraqi's and Harry will be fine. Job done!

  2. [lurk];)[/lurk]

  3. IF the wedding was merely our friends, we'd have hardcore thrash metal, old school hair metal and my fav classic punk,maybe throw in some screamo for my young brothers.. but alas, it's old folks too, and they find metal to be the devils music, thus the lack of any REAL metal! DAMN!
    A lot of interesting tid bits in this blog yo!
    Little wing is my # 1 fav Hendrix Tune!

  4. I can't disagree with a word you day, my old Foxadelic friend. The missing child story has the distinct smell of something fishy about it. Even the creation of a fund to help the search raises alarm bells - Are they really suggesting that the Portuguese police are so inept they can't mount a search? I'd be having a long, hard look at the parents if I was in charge of the investigation.

    As for Harry? Well, the guy can't win can he? He's damned if he goes to Iraq, damned if he doesn't. Can't blame anyone but the media for that frenzy. If he'd shaved his head, changed his name to Hewitt and gone anonymously there would have been no problem.

    One final thing - If you can have a Haiku week, I can have a squirrel week. I may even extend it to two if I can creep up on the squirrel kitten I've seen.

  5. I agree that this one story is getting far too much attention. My daughter will be 4 in July and I would be distraught and heartbroken should she ever go missing, but I can guarantee that I am not going to leave her in a strange hotel room, ALONE, while I go stuff food down my gullet.
    I've not followed the story closely, I too feel that other news should have a higher priority. I mean, come on! I've got to know how much jail time Paris Hilton is likely to serve on her 45 day sentence!

  6. Hey, Mister Fox. Shouldn't you be telling us what day it is.

  7. Oh you cruel, bad man! Little Madeleine's plight should not be ridiculed or questioned - however lightly! If you really believe in saving Madeleine you will need to prove it by buying a yellow ribbon wristband from me! Send a cheque for £14.50 to me
    Sir Yorkshire Pudding,
    Pudding Towers,
    S1 FU
    Oh and do not forget postage - add another £3.50 please.