Tuesday, May 22, 2007


Just noodling.

That's what I am doing.

I wanted to write about the desecration of one of my favourite watering holes, but of course this would be of no importance to anyone. I should have written about the Grey Horse at Birchencliffe in Huddersfield prior to it changing hands and being completely ruined.

Had I written about it previously, perhaps someone reading it might have taken the time and effort to make the trip and find that it was a good place to go for a drink.

As it stands now, the arty comic prints have gone. No more tea-light candles on every table. No magazine and newspaper rack. The great tunes they used to play, and the atmosphere, rudely shattered by some no-hopers, who in a single flick of a light switch have ruined a lovely boozer.

The fact that I had to take my pint of Guinness back because it tasted of vinegar has nothing to do with it. The fact that when my pint was replaced, she deemed to call me "mate" has nothing to do with it.

I'm not their mate, and I certainly won't be back.

Oops, now I have written about it, and I wasn't going to.

Ok, ignore the last bit.

I've been a good lad today and run an errand for my mum, and also managed to take care of certain banking issues that required immediate attention. I am quite solvent now, so ladies, form an orderly queue.... Only joking...... Calm down Dawn.

I think I might watch a movie or two this afternoon. Something that has a little more pace than staring idly out the window, watching the Greenhead Park Veterans crown green bowling team who have come to challenge the home side here in Outlane.


  1. Yes ... it's awful when they spoil a pub that may have become an extension of your own home. And like you I am a bit old-fashioned. I don't want anyone calling me mate or pal or love or anything like that. People in service should call me "sir" until we get to know each other and I give them the licence to use my first name

  2. Foxy, boy. Do you remember Greeny - the Dickensian landord of the Slubbers? I was browsing stuff the other night and it turns out he's written a book on the very subject that you've posted. The lost pubs of Huddersfield.

  3. Bugger! I forgot to add the link.