Wednesday, May 23, 2007


What is it with me and mornings?

We have never been the best of friends. In fairness, I am what you might call a bit of a night owl.

Lately, I haven't even had the stamina to stay up all night playing games, which given the chance, is very unusual for me.

This morning, like so many before it, I woke early. Too early. Too early for someone with no job, that's for sure. I think it must have been about six AM.

Like being chewed up by the night, and having given it indigestion, being unceremoniously spat out into the dawn chorus. Wishing it would go away, turning over, trying in vain to reconnect with sleep. Bladder niggling, just enough to keep the sandman at bay.

I got up and pandered to my weak bladder. This would have been the point where I lit a cigarette and chilled for a while on the sofa. Not any more.

Nine weeks and one day ago, I stopped smoking. My grand totals right now are even starting to impress me.

Cigarettes not smoked = 2560
Money saved = 672 GBP (1336 USD; 1447 CAD; 34547 RUB)
Sweets eaten = Any that I could find.
Weight gained = Most definitely.

Well, bladder emptied, jumped back in bed. Managed another two hours of snoozing before the light pried my eyelids with the subtlety of a shiny metal crowbar. Eight AM. I don't know why I have such a love/hate relationship with sleep.

In other news..... Big Brother 8 is just one week away..... count them.... seven days, that's all.... I am so excited. I am sure that I will have lost interest by the second day of it, but you live in hope. Hope that we get people who are less annoying than Danielle Lloyd for instance.


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  2. now that's just plain rude..... I take great care to post everything in English, and if you read my blog then you could at least do me the equal courtesy of commenting in English!!

    rude bugger!!

  3. Hi there! I am proud of you for having not smoked for so long! :)

  4. Get your revenge, Fox. Post an entry in full Yorkshire dialect.

  5. I too like to be up at night and sleep late. Though lately I have been getting up at 9am to go drive my mom wherever she needs to go. When I do sleep in now I wake up around 10:20 am.