Sunday, May 27, 2007


Bloody dreams and memories.

Strange dreams, and I have mentioned these before, have escorted me throughout my period of non-smoking.

I bloody woke up this morning with three distinct things on my mind that I wanted to recount in my blog. I also made a mental note that I ought to have some sort of notepad to write things in so I don't forget them.

Alas, of course, during the day's household chores, and some serious Nintendo time, the items of note have long departed.

Let's see if I can dredge them up......

One of them was about Brian.... a contractor I used to work with.

The other two.... what the hell were they??

Dammit, I will never make a writer, and that's exactly the reason why. This morning as I woke, the items I wanted to write about seemed like they would have made a good blog. Instead, you now have to listen to me wittering on about having nothing to write about.

Sunday.... All day....... Different only, in that tomorrow is bank holiday Monday, so the whole country is pretty much on holiday - except for those that have to work of course.

Which brings two things together in a strange way.

Some friends of mine used to have a regular disco thing going in a pub in Huddersfield. The pub was called The Wharf - and it was in Aspley. They used to have a banner outside the pub which read:

"Opun orl dey eksep sundis"

Don't ask me why, but it brings together the Sunday thing and Spice's request that I work in a bit of Yorkshire dialect!!

I've bought myself a Nintendo Wii, and as you can imagine, I am non-stop fishing, cooking, shooting, bowling and generally loving it.

Cooking - can you believe it? I am cooking virtual food with a motion sensitive controller, where you have to slice and dice your ingredients, and crack eggs and all that sort of stuff. It's pretty simplistic, but I am finding humour in it. Check it out - Cooking Mama.

Thanks to Dawn today, my house is totally tidy again. Inspired by my virtual cooking exploits, I made real lunch for us both to celebrate my new found sense of spick and spanness.


  1. You're insane, Fox. For the same price as a Wii you can by a nice set of kitchen utensils and do exactly the same thing in non-virtual reality - and you get to eat it, too. The only advantage of the Wii is that there isn't any washing up - but you do have a dishwasher, don't you?

    By the way. Do you retain your vegetarian integrity on the Wii? Or, are you responsible for the deaths of countless numbers of virtual animals?

  2. If you ask me, YOU should think about applying to get on to next year's Big Brother - you'd probably end up winning it!!

  3. Dawn does the ironing and Dawn cleans the house. What is your excuse for not lifting a finger to help.