Sunday, May 06, 2007

Me noggin's.....

... took a floggin'!

Went out and got a bit pissed last night. A standard Huddersfield drinking session, which was quite enjoyable. Good company always helps, so those around me can't fail to have a good time!!

I am paying the price today.

It's actually the first night that I have managed to be able to stick it out in pubs and bars without even thinking about having a cig. I'm quite pleased with myself in this respect, but disappointed in my headache.

Yesterday I saw the rat. I saw the rat eating bird food in my garden. I went out to examine the trap, and of course, as predicted, the bait from the trap has all been eaten and the trap remains empty.

Gary Ford's voice is echoing in my ears, "Buy cheap, buy twice". Bollocks.

It's about this point, where I start lurker-bashing. Having looked at my webstats, it seems that, out of the last 100 visitors, nobody has left me a comment - I could be talking bollocks of course, but I am amazed that so many people don't leave an imprint. I don't bite..... often.

Oh well, it's time for some soluble painkillers....... Must..... reduce..... brain...... swelling.


  1. That's because they were all rat lovers.

  2. Only when you have pet rat in your garden can you get well and truly rat-arsed. The reason you have many visitors who don't leave an "imprint" is because you are being closely monitored by the CIA as Huddersfield is a well known hotbed of Muslim extremism and your profile picture makes you look exactly like Algerian terrorist leader Abdul Cabernet-Shiraz. The rat is also part of the CIA monitoring strategy.

  3. Hi. Hope you catch the rat soon. I hate rats. They give me nightmares. Sorry bout your headache. I tried this liquer the other night that was good. It was Starbucks Coffee liquer. Tried a Bloody Mary for the first time also and didn't drink it past that first sip. Yucky. Take care.

  4. Lurker bashing! perhaps you should stop lurking yourself lol