Friday, May 11, 2007


Is it really Friday?

In my previous incarnation, the one where I used to be employed, Fridays were a magical part of the week.

Everyone always looked forward to Friday.

Fridays signify the end of the week, the start of the weekend. Perhaps a dress down day? Lunchtime in the pub, maybe sink a lunchtime pint? Early finish.... Making a bolt for the door, and jumping in the car to roar home.

That would be the start of my time.... home time..... relaxing time.

These days, since I opted out of work, the Friday has lost its meaning. It's no longer a special isolated day. It's become part of s homogeneous string of timeless sleeping and waking moments.

The only thing that seems to govern any aspect of my life now, is that the sun rises and the sun sets. I rarely have appointments or dates of significance to work towards, and to be fair, it suits me very well.

You can't beat an afternoon nap on the sofa.

I spent last evening in the extremely pleasant company of my old friend Dan, his mother, and his cousin too. We visited the comedy cellar in Huddersfield and went for a few drinks. It's always good to catch up with Dan, and when I do, I can never understand why we always end up drifting so far apart for so long.

My rat trap is still getting its pockets picked regularly. I am now starting to think that I am going to have to resort to some poison after all. So that was fifteen quid well spent, wasn't it??

Does anyone know of a Sega Megadrive game called Wani-Wani World??

Hope Dan's mum made it to work this morning, and that she has a wicked time on her fortnight long Greek holiday.

Oh, and a quick reminder, or in case you didn't know, there are at least a couple of hundred photos on my flickr album now. Go see!!


  1. PC Lumley says "Gerroff thee arse. Gerron t'bike n get thissen a job!"

  2. See what happens when you try and catch rodents on the cheap. Cash gone, bait gone, rat laughs.

    Have you ever heard a rat laugh? It's a chilling sound that you never forget.

    One day some brave DJ is going to create a dance mix of rat laughter and voodoo drums - rodent beats will ripple through the clubs, mesmerising and enslaving a generation of dancers and creating a new form of hedonistic cult.

    We're headed for a future where the rhythm of the rat holds sway over the hearts and minds of our young.

    And it's all your fault.

  3. Today is Saturday.