Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Chalk it down.....

I know it means absolutely nothing to anyone who might read this, but it means something to me, and it's my blog!!!

Officially, today, it's my 2000th cigarette anniversary!!

Since I quit smoking, exactly fifty days ago, I have not smoked 2000 cigs.... would you Adam and Eve it? The total monetary saving thus far, amounts to the grand sum of five hundred and twenty five pounds (1050 USD; 1160 CAD).

I fall over trying to pat myself on the back.

I find it quite useful to be able to write these figures down in my blog. I think, if I hadn't started recording my progress here, that by now I wouldn't even know when I stopped smoking.

Another milestone, is that I have now been completely nicotine free for a whole week. It's just over a week, in fact, since I stopped taking the lozenges.

Hooray for me.

Anyone else thinking about stopping smoking? Want to know something?? It doesn't hurt one bit!! The fear of trying to stop, and possibly failing, is far worse than actually stopping.

Going back to my webstats.... I know I shouldn't...... An average day for me is usually thirty to forty visitors. Yesterday, I received one hundred visitors. Unprecedented, and wholly inexplicable.

Rol: You wanted to know if you could track your visitors.... well, yes of course you can...... I use something called sitemeter - you can sign up for some free webstats like mine at sitemeter - You can view my stats..... by clicking the little Sitemeter button, which is lurking somewhere down the right hand side of my page, near the bottom of those navigational elements over there >>>


  1. I have to admit that I clicked on your blog 95 times yesterday just for the hell of it so who were those other three visitors I wonder - probably dirty old men looking for seedy photos of that other arctic fox - Bjork!

    You are not a non-smoker yet mate but you are doing bloody well! Don't blow it! Just one fag will send you back on the slippery slope to stinkycig hell!

  2. Congrats, and thank you.

    Actually, I joined that sitemetre thing ages ago, I just forgot to stick the HTML thing on my site. Sometimes I need a kick...

  3. First 5 days where the worst, I'm still a non-smoker as well!