Monday, April 30, 2007

You asked for it!

OK, I have been peer pressure cooked into it.

The rat must go, but the rat must also live.

The reseach I have done is not very favourable for our rat friend.

For just a few pounds I can kill him / her / them. For considerably more, I can trap him / her / them and release into the wild.

It comes as no great surprise to anyone who knows me, that I am currently out of work, and am living on the breadline. No income.... no job..... no coffee.... no hope.

The net result of my poverty is that it dictates that the rat(s) must die a horrible, painful, poisonous death.... needs must.


.... And this is where I call on all my cunning foxy attributes, to mastermind an alternate plan.

How about this:

You can help me save a rat!!

I promise, that in return for contributions, I will dedicate captured rats to your generosity. Each contributor shall receive a certificate of ownership, and a letter of thanks from each captured rat, along with a photograph commemorating the release.

Click the banner - don't make me kill Ben!! If you don't contribute, then Ben's pain will be on your heads.... not mine!!


  1. Right back at ya, Fox. Ben's pain may well be on our own heads - but the deaths of all the other creatures who eat the poison will be on yours.

    And don't tell me you're skint - all the money saved on not smoking will buy a lorra, lorra rat traps.

  2. Sir Wince a LotTuesday, 01 May, 2007

    Kill the rat! Kill the rat! Tear it limb from limb!!! Use it's grizzled innards as a substitute for coffee and smoke it's tail. Make sure you wear a red riding blaze and jodpers whilst you're at it.

    Tally ho!!