Tuesday, April 17, 2007

The Pole.

Pole Moor, it's a helluva town.

Well, of course, it's not a town.... far from it.... Far from frikking everything if the truth be known.

Missionaries beware!!

The land of neighbourless dwellings, and marginally reduced light pollution, on the edge of the Pennines. Where five TV channels, and internet connections, are considered akin to alchemy.

It's a close call between watching a program about wheelchair dancing or another dissection of the Virginia Tech shootings on a regurgitative news show.

I'd read a book, but without the television on, the silence here is overwhelming.

Does anyone want some free-range eggs? I've got loads here, and anyone who knows will happily testify as to their outstanding quality..... I'm the egg-man!!

As an example of the Pole Moor based pace of life: I scanned in the Huddersfield Examiner weekly prize crossword, emailed it to my mum, and she and Fred returned me the answers, which we have completed in triplicate and will be entering into this week's prize draw!!

It's times like this that make me wish I'd burned all the Rab C Nesbitt episodes from my Sky+ onto a DVD to bring with me.

Perhaps I will just go back to playing some PC based golf. A more pointlessly enjoyable exercise I could not imagine at quarter past eleven of a Tuesday evening.

In other news - I am slightly on the mend. I've regained some element of control over my bowels. I'm skint, waiting for all kinds of money to land in my lap, but still not quite able to touch it. I am still confused as to what my next career move should be.

Anyone got a job for me?


  1. How about a critic?
    Holidays,tv programmes? food?
    Reckon you'd enjoy that mate!

  2. Frank Sinatra impersonator.

    "Pole Moor, Pole Moor,
    It's my kind of...


    "Fly me to the moor,
    and let me play among the sheep"

  3. ...then I'll catch the flu and cry
    and need to get some sleep.

    In other words...
    (cunning avoidance of having to come up with more rhymes through use of a strategic la-la-la)