Tuesday, April 10, 2007

My granny.....

.... Not only throws harder than that, but she rocks harder too!!

What am I on about?

I done busted my rock bone, Musky.

I was supposed to be giving a masterclass to the kids tonight in how to play Guitar Hero 2. Alas and alack, during my afternoon warm up, which lasted some three hours, I think I have snapped more than my G string!!

My rock bone is truly knackered.

I did, however, manage to attain levels far in advance of those ever witnessed before. I can honestly say, that for a while, I was rocking.

I guess that, unlike an ageing, and rather portly Biff Byford, I know when it's time to hang up my plastic ukulele, and start sipping cocoa by the fire, with a cat curled round my feet. I don't want any of those marshmallows on top though, they make me feel queasy. I'll stick to drinking my pureed vegetables through a straw.

Ouch, my rock bone's even twinging and twanging when I type, and that's never a good sign, is it?

I should apologise for having neglected, not only my own blog, for a week or so, but everyone else's too, but I am not going to, so there!! The Fox bites his thumb at thee!!

I am still eating far too much. Too many sweets, and now I am starting to get toothache. I would switch over to gum, but it just makes me more hungry, and last time I chewed gum it inflamed an abscess in my jaw. I haven't smoked a cigarette for three weeks though, and that's no bad thing. I'll be a toothless, fat, bald, non-smoker, before you can say "diabetes".

I have managed, so far, to not smoke eight hundred and forty cigs. I have saved two hundred and twenty pounds (434 USD; 498 CAD), and that's roughly about a quarter of what I want to spend on my new camera and associated peripherals. It's a start.

I can't imagine how much gunk would have come out of those eight hundred and forty cigs, and into my lungs, and subsequently, blood. I just can't begin to imagine, that over twenty or so years of smoking, this hasn't occurred to me before.

I think, when you stop smoking, you look at a bigger picture. Let's imagine I was still smoking, then I only ever measure how many cigs I smoke in a day. I would never calculate the volume of a week, or the cost of a month..... Just the day. It works in reverse I suppose. A handy way we can imagine to ourselves that we'll stop smoking tomorrow, or that we enjoy smoking anyway.

Having a sense of smell again is a bonus.

Having a sense of taste, and obliterating it with every sugary confection under God's blue sky, is another matter.

I love being a preachy non-smoker!!


  1. Ho! Ho! You ARE doing well old chap but the addiction is still not beaten and never will be. You must keep fighting against it. And what the hell is a rock bone? Is this an addiction withdrawal delusion?

  2. I can stand the preachy non smoker business. Just don't go and get religion.

  3. 20-a-day is for poofs. ;)

    I'm on 40. Okay they are girly Silk Cut Silver, but still...

  4. Now then!!

    Weldiweldone for kickin the crack!!It will be two year in november for me as it happens it was also the time i first started Bloggin and blaggin trainers off friend cos all i did was walk walk walk! It was the only way i could cope!! I couldn't sleep for months and thats whan i was writing all the time beats licking the brown stains off my index and middle finger for traces of long absobed nicotine.

    Katt has just kicked from what i see is it a horroscope thing??

    Hay try not to feel guilty about blog enteries when i logged on my own image saw me, screamed and ran off the screen down the street!

    keep going and you will not regret it Trust me!!!!

    Love ya man


    I've lost my appetite? Riddle me that Batman? WTF? What about your dreams? Worth going to sleep when you can sleep no? I am thinking we are having mostly the same thought proccess it's funny how much you ignore when you smoke?
    Try overdosing on water, it helps with the hunger, as well munching on carrots and snap peas are sweet, but better for you! I haven't got the hunger yet, in fact I'm eating less and have energy to BURN...... Keep it up!!

  6. PS: After reading comments I get ROCK BONE Rock on with your badness ROCK ON!
    RRRRRRRRRRrrrrrrrrrrrwwwwwwweeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrwwwwwwwwwwwowwwwwwwwww (my air guitar)
    And from the puddin man yes, I am trying to think of it as I will always be a dirty smoker, who isn't smoking TODAY......DO NOT HAVE ONE SMOKE I quit for 6 months had 1 and it was ALL OVER..just, don't smoke today, tell yourself that every day, one day at a time..
    Apparently, this is harder to kick than heroin, but I know we can do it!

  7. roflmao

    btw...in true Bad Relative style, I had no idea that April 12th was Tom "50 guitars" Pitchforth's birthday. Hmmm...