Friday, April 27, 2007

The epitome....

... of laziness.

It's Friday, it's a quarter past eight in the evening, and guess what.... I still haven't even got dressed today!!

I ran out of coffee two days ago, and I don't drink tea.... until today that is!!

So what the hell have I been doing all day?

Watching snooker..... Playing "need for speed".... Drinking tea.....

Nothing more, nothing less.

At one point, I was in the kitchen making a cup of tea, when my garden rat decided to show his face. I spotted him swinging around on a coconut, hanging from my bird feeding pole.

This might not sound at all remarkable in any way, but to me it was an incredible feat. Incredible until I saw him skillfully scale the pole to the top, in order to reach a fresh batch of bird food that I had put out.

The pole itself is a sheer metal pole, with no obvious points of purchase for any furry critters to cling to. Roland (well it seems a fitting to give him the name of my 1980's role model) just wrapped his little paws around the pole, and up he went.... I've never seen anything like it. Coming back down, he just did the same thing, but in reverse..... craftily clinging, and descending headfirst.

I ran, grabbed my camera, and managed to set it to video, and caught the resourceful rodent in resplendent glory, shinning the pole. Unfortunately, it seems the little fella has much more about him than I, and of course, I hadn't quite pressed the right button, and missed the whole bloody episode!!


I am still torn over the concept of having a rat in my garden, but he is a fine specimen, and for his cunning stunts, he has bought himself a little while longer at least.

Right, I better go get dressed.


  1. HI there. Just thought I'd drop in and catch up on your life. Hope you're doing well.

  2. Hi there! Just thought that I would alo drop in and catch up on your life. Hoped you'd be doing well but obviously not as you were still in your dressing gown hallucinating about impossible rats...! You can get medication for this condition. It sounds like nicotine withdrawal to me.

  3. Uh oh! I'd get that rat trap if I were you. Rats beget rats who beget yet more rats and who will eventually take a liking to the inside of Maison Fox.

    Someone once said that squirrels are just rats with good PR. But the bushy tailed ones don't come inside, gnaw at your power cables and burn you to death in the night. A flying fox is one thing - a frying fox is a different kettle of fish altogether.

  4. I have a stuffed rat as part of my growing taxidermy collection. It wears a pearl necklace.... it could do with a playmate!