Tuesday, March 27, 2007

The world holds its breath,

For the results of Tom's test;
Maths teacher has failed.

Tests remain unmarked,
I give the teacher grade F;
See me after class!

A foggy morning,
Similar to yesterday;
Brighter afternoon.

Bloody shopping trip,
With mother and my auntie;
Leaves my feet burning.

Tom agreed to go,
To the extra science class;
I am very pleased.

A grand finale,
Fuji Hiro's noodle bar,
Gyoza and soba.


  1. Come on teacher we wanna know the test results!

  2. hmmm...
    you are totally caught by haikus!!!

    hope your feet are in flames

  3. Fox,
    I can barely stand to go shopping with MY aunt and Grandmother, and I''m a lady! hahahaaaaaaaa
    Your a very brave man!