Monday, March 26, 2007

Which bit don't you get?

Simple Japanese poems,
Rather than essays.

It's Monday morning.
Bright, but foggy and chilly;
Sunshine to follow.

Blog readers puzzled?
About the Fox's concept?
To haiku my week?

Five and a half days,
Since I smoked a cigarette;
A long way to go.

So far, I have NOT,
Smoked two hundred and twenty,
Which saved sixty quid.

Tom refuses help,
Will not attend extra class;
To help with science.

Paperwork O.D;
Must tackle bills and accounts,
Before bailiffs come.

Nicotine lozenge,
And a quick tidy around;
Before Dawn arrives.


  1. I wish I under
    Stood haikus, but I just don’t
    You’re brave or foolish

  2. Crazy Arctic Fox:
    you and your haiku freak-out;
    still you're a delight.

  3. Good for you hon about the quitting still! Smokers losange? We don't have that here, gum and the patch, thats about it!

  4. What next? Blogging in the form of the BBC Shipping Forecast?

    Arctic-Fox, North, gale 6 to storm 10, thundery showers, good, becoming poor in showers, moderate icing.

  5. I was going to reply in a haiku but couldn't think of how to do it. Never wrote one before. Hmmm going of to figure this out. Great news on the not smoking. You are getting there step by step. Be sure to air out the house really well to get the smoke all out. Also washing the ashtrays and putting them away helps.

  6. But how did Tom do??