Saturday, March 03, 2007


I am decidedly downtrodden today.

We went out last night. It was a kind of colleague reunion thing, and we went for drinks in Huddersfield.

A good night, up until the group got split up and we made a decidedly premature exit from a club in town, where my bloody fave DJ was working his cheesy house stuff.

I never really got a chance to have a good dance and get it all out of my system. Disappointing.

Came home and cooked omelets and made cups of tea instead!!

Managed maybe three or four hours sleep, and am paying the price for it now.

This morning I called round to see Riv, Jemma and baby Caitlyn.... Pleased to say they are all doing well. I even managed to have a little hold of Caitlyn while Riv was making some drinks - I do not normally do baby stuff because they scare me!! They're too small and I don't understand them, but she seemed pleased enough to be wandering round the room and looking out of the window.

Tried to watch a bit of telly this aft, but I couldn't keep my eyes open.... Nor could I properly focus my attention, and more importantly my fingers, on Guitar Hero.

Am just pondering what the options for this evening might be. Lunar eclipse tonight, and I don't want to miss it.

So, in summary, I am well washed out, and need some "r" and "r" time.


  1. Hey, Foxy. I'd forgotten about Riv & Jemma's baby. Give 'em my best regards.

    Were you sober last night? God, I could murder a decent pub crawl round town - finished off with a decent curry. Moose burgers are all I can get round here.

  2. Since I live in the coffee addiction area of the Northwest Washington state. We are consumed by Starbucks here. I also love a good cup of tea. My favorite brand is Tazo. I love their awake tea which is a good black tea and also love their Wild Orange tea. It smells so good and it has such good flavor. I am thinking of picking up a Guiness Stout tomorrow while over at my friends house. I saw some on sale yesterday while at the store. My favorite beer was this Porter that was made at a brewery in Sparks Nevada but since you can only get it at thier bar I can no longer get it now that I live up north.

  3. Sounds fun, I went "cottaging" and no that CDN version is not the same as the UK, it simply means I went to the summer home! LOL

  4. PS:
    We really don't serve MOOSE burgers?!?!