Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Tempting fate.

I know I shouldn't mention this.... I know I should keep my mouth shut.....

It is officially twenty hours, since I smoked a cigarette.

This might not sound like a brilliant achievement, and I am certainly NOT looking for reassurance, or support, or encouragement. I haven't even made a conscious decision to stop smoking. I bought some nicotine lozenges, with the aim of cutting down.

It seems quite apt, that on today of all days, the budget day, when cigarettes have just gone up by a further eleven pence per pack (of twenty), that I should be kicking it into touch.

As a positive measure, this is my story.

Recently I have been smoking two packs a day. That's forty cigarettes every twenty four hours. The old price of my habit, was approximately ten pounds and twenty pence per day. The new inflated price would be ten pounds and forty two pence per day. In the last forty eight hours, I've smoked just nine cigarettes, and eaten about three tons of food!!!

I'm gonna be able to breathe again, but too fat to get out of the house.


Hurray, it's the first day of spring.

To celebrate this gloriously sunny day, I've been out walking. Admittedly, I took a rucksack of food with me, but I have been out walking.

I also managed to take a few pictures.... nothing amazing, but they're on Flickr of course!!

There were quite a few things I wanted to write about today.... my mind's all over the place.....

Normal service will (hopefully) be resumed as soon as possible.


  1. Say goodbye to the dreaded weed! It's a habit worth breaking. Don't even have one. Say to yourself, it's over for good. Think on this... Smokers stink! We non-smokers can smell the stale aroma because it always hangs about smokers and it is frankly disgusting! Don't let the profit hungry tobacco companies keep you on their side. Take control. Break away.

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  3. Happy spring!
    Funny I wrote a new blog about spring, I have no idea what a pence lolllllllllll I do know a pound is about double to the CDN dollar ,so your cigs would be more expensive then over here, I'm guessing in at you are sitting at about 23.00 CDN dollars a day, or say 19-20 american dollars..per day...take that and multiply it over a year, ok your looking at 8395.00 CDN dollars a year or 7300.00 US dollars, that would be one very nice trip say to Canada? hehehee
    Good for you take it a day at a time.. I smoke too, but about a half pack a day, and that drags my ass out of breath, I can't imagine 2 packs a day!
    Hmmmmmmm I could be saving money too :O(
    I can't take your poll. As you know I am in 'maintenence" which means at least one bath and one shower a day, thankfully Canada has the largest supply of fresh water in the world! LOL
    I need to quit!

  4. Gonna have a go at the smoking thing after the wedding, me 2 packs a day too, let me know how you get on!

  5. The first 72 hours without a cigarette are the worse. That is how long it takes for the nicotine to leave your system. You will still have cravings after that but they are manageable. Now if you are using the patch or gum or some such then of course you will still have nicotine in your system after the 72 hours are up. It's not easy to cut down or quit. I cut down many times and finally quit for good on my 32nd birthday. I had always said once I had been smoking for 20 years I would quit so I did. Now I am allergic to the things lol. Became allergic after I quit.