Sunday, March 11, 2007


Sunday..... A day of rest.... sort of!!

Went out for a Mongolian barbeque last night.... Pretty good, but I couldn't eat a full one.

Ate too much, and spent the remainder of the evening in Arctic Fox's patented "poorly dog" mode. For those that don't know about this, it's like when a dog has eaten too much and is to be found rolling around on the floor with its legs in the air, whimpering.

Woke up early(ish) this morning, with a mouth like a Mongolian monkey's armpit, and a Cambodian rice belly. Not a pretty sight!!

Chilled for a while, playing Age of Empires.

Dawn came round, with Stevie the wonderdog, and after a boiled egg and soldiers, we went for a brief constitutional. Didn't walk too far, but managed to take a few photos, which of course (excuse the plug) you can find on my lovely Flickr album. Today's set is called "Outlane Walk" and there's a quite nice panoramic shot, which includes the view over the top of my house and into Halifax.

This afternoon was spent "Mother's Day" shopping, for the impending Mothering Sunday next weekend. Probably the first time in my life, that I have managed to get this thing all done, with a week to spare.

Ok, enough of my "standardly" Sunday, already.

I simply wanted to pass on a little information, to anyone who might be interested. There's this thing, right? It's an art exhibition I guess, that runs at the Musee D'Elysee - It's called "All Photographers Now".......

Far be it from me to try to explain..... but I will summarise, and you can go there and find out more if you are so inclined.

Basically, you submit your photograph(s), and they may or may not decide to exhibit them, via projecting them onto the wall of this exhibition. If they do choose to do so, they email you back a picture of your picture on their walls. Simple. They will also pick a few photos, to print them out and add them to the museum's archives.

And so, if you have ever taken a picture, you ought to at least have a shot at it.... I'd love to hear from anyone that succeeds, and of course I'd love to have a copy of and pictures that get emailed back from the museum.

Go on, it's free, and you could make some art.

The thing I love about this concept, is that it's truly modern art.... made by the people, for the people..... there are no boundaries, no borders, just pure, unadulterated, collaborative global art. Should be right up every Flickr user, and every bloggers pipe!! Digital art at its very very finest.

Adieu the noo!!


  1. Ah - the Mongolian. I went to the one in Sowerby some time back - It was pretty good as I remember.

    I'll have to have a look at the photo thing - I'm sure they'll need some squirrel pictures.

  2. I love the art thing, sounds like my entire neighbourhood actually a hell of alot of artists and interesting pieces everywhere, just today, had to stop mid step whilst walking home, as I peered at a fence I thought a man was jumping clearly at me, but it was in fact, just another piece of statigically placed art.