Wednesday, March 07, 2007


Space is ace, unless it's an MSN space of course!!

I am trying to make a concerted effort to catch up with my blogging buddies, but MSN spaces are so bloody effing slow, that I just can't do it.

Go on MSN users, take the plunge and get yourself a proper blog!!

I have a stack of paperwork and housework to do, but I am so much more content to be sitting in a pigsty, impersonating an elite sniper on my playstation. Woe is me.

Maybe I will get round to it tomorrow? Whaddya reckon the chances of that are?

I can already hear a raft of prerecorded sky+ programming that I have carefully selected. Those Pogo badges are not going to complete themselves. Those bloody Germans will still be running their ammunition dumps, and dammit, those trees, fish, and gold mines, just won't manage on their own.

I'm a slave to the game.

I am an imp in the very dungeon of my own creation, suffering a tirade of self flagellation. The prize? My very own dried up coffee cup ridden pigsty, complete with overflowing ashtrays.

It's true, life's a bloody game.... just not sure what type it is yet, or where I can buy the strategy guide. One thing's for sure though, I am preordering the sodding expansion pack!!


  1. Sorry you are having a problem with msn spaces. I have never noticed a problem when I am blog hopping. Well except for one spice's space that likes to kick me out all the time.

  2. Sounds like home to me...

    Go on, then - escape to Canada and trade your ashtrays, plastic guitars and myriad coffee mugs for stacks of magazines, mounds of wool and needles, and all-games-all-the-time-except-when-there's-improv-shows-to-attend.

    P.S. Dan's friend Manda, whom I've never met, donated towards my MS walk! How abso-lovely!

  3. Hello FoX

    Thanks for the recent comments on my blog, I am sorry I have neglected your blog recently, I have been reading now and then just not leaving comments, very bad form, It will not happen again. :-)

  4. Yes MSN does suck huge cock, true enough, lol
    I'm on facebook too