Saturday, March 17, 2007

So what?

So what is my blog worth?

Well according to "Pingoat", as of today, my blog is merely worth $28.06.

However, according to Technorati, it's worth a whopping $5080.86.

Now, I don't really believe these values, and wouldn't expect anyone else to either. They're simply a bit of fun. I presume there's some spanky algorithm back there, that ranks you based on outgoing and incoming links and your update frequency. Not really rocket science, and probably a little too black-and-white to be of any real accuracy.

So what's my blog really worth?

I'll tell you....

As a vehicle, a tool for expressing myself, for getting all the thought-mush out of my head and onto a digital notepad, it's bloody priceless.

As a commercial venture, for the purpose of raising advertising revenue, completely worthless.

For its potential to turn into a best-selling book (or "blook" if you're swept away with such nonsensical mumbo-jumbo), such as Girl With a One Track Mind, or Shaggy Blog Stories, my potential is less than nought.

As a domain name, that might tread on some multi-millionaire's toes, forcing them to buy it off me, the chances are slim. Someone already beat me to, and they haven't updated it in two years!!

As a resource for people to come and go as they feel fit, and to plunder my head for anything useless...... maybe, a penny for my thoughts?

Letting my family know I am still alive, and although I am now a cave dwelling hermit with a beard down to my knees, that has taken the oath of silence, am still kicking, maybe another few pence. They could always text me if they wanted to know whether anyone was inheriting my DVD collection yet?

So, in summary, my blogs worth two thirds of sweet Fanny Adams.

The only person who gains anything from it at all, is me.

Let's face it, who the hell would want to buy a blog, and what the bloody hell would they do with it when they got it?

My blog is worth $5,080.86.
How much is your blog worth?


  1. According to Technorati, my blog's worth exactly the same I don't believe it has anything to do with uploads, posts, etc., since you're miles more prolific than moi.

    p.s. scooze meeh, does enywon hev enny orajoo?

  2. I'll give you seventeen quid and throw in a couple of beaver pelts - so fresh that they're still on the beavers... if I can just get hold of Frank & Gordon.

  3. It is possible to have ads on your blog and to get paid for hosting them. But how much is anything worth? How much is a rainbow or a last goodbye or the whining of a new kitten? Nothing or everything, depnding on how you look at things.

  4. Your blog would be worth slightly more to me if your Fave Chocolate poll had an option for 'White'. That's political correctness gone something, that is.