Monday, March 19, 2007

Snow joke!!

Well, in line with Rol Hirst's Sunset over Slawit, I am discussing the weather. Like Rol Hirst's daffodils, my crocuses (crocii? croci?) and daffs have been royally rogered by Snegurochka.

We had (yesterday) a day of alternate bouts of sunshine, and hailstones.

By nine o' clock last night, we had about four or five inches of snow.

The traffic wasn't moving, the roads were covered, people were having to push their cars around my "local" village of Outlane.

Today, the trickling of meltwater, and the soft flopping of snow falling from the perches it found last night, accompanied by blindingly bright sunshine.

I could not resist the temptation to take a few photos.

Despite a trapped nerve in my shoulder, which is rendering me in "dead arm" mode, I managed a few shots, but didn't walk quite as far as I should have, or would have wanted to.

Check out my "Snow Day" Flickr set.

You can of course see all my sets here!!

Tom's got a maths test today, and I have been coaching him, and trying to teach him how to revise. I don't think he has done revision before, and we've done bite size pieces, and worked forwards and backwards through the required knowledge set.

I hope Tom does well.... Mainly, his teachers need to know that he is trying to knuckle down, so they take him seriously when he asks questions. Currently, they don't believe he is interested and dismiss his attempts to query the items he hasn't understood - This is purely a symptom of the fact that he arses about too much in lessons.

Another reason Tom needs to do well, is so that he stops believing he is "dumb". He isn't dumb, but he doesn't apply himself, and is too quick to "turn off" when he has to think too hard.

Another reason I am rooting for a good result, is that it will teach Tom the value of revision. What you can achieve, and that it doesn't have to be too difficult or intense. That revision pays off, and can't simply be done the night before a test.

As for my Desert Island Discs..... I still haven't worked them out, and of course, this will have to wait for another day.


  1. I dunno if you should mention the snow. Isn't it 'local' snow for 'local' people up there?

    As for Tom, all I can say is that I'm glad I'm not his age in today's school system. I'm sure there are good, dedicated teachers out there but with the behaviour of many kids, the decline of government support and the artificial standards and targets that have been imposed I don't think most children have any chance of achieving their potential unless their parents are willing to put in a huge amount of effort to compensate for the failures in the system. Perhaps you're finding a niche for yourself, professor Fox.

  2. You're getting a taste of the Great Canadian Spring Tease, then. Like the pix - will have to look properly fm home...

  3. loved that snow joke (Y)
    i wish it does more often like this :P

    and all the best to Tom

  4. The snow was pretty. You took good pics. Good luck with Tom's test. We are supposed to be getting a mix of snow and rain tomorrow here in the northwest corner of the U.S.

  5. I think I know some of those sheep.

  6. Rol -- in an intimate fashion?

    As for revision, I never did a day in my life, apart from O Level English Lit. I have always operated on the basis that if I'm not bright enough to work it out on the spot, I shouldn't pass it. Surprising that I got a degree really.

    But don't tell that to Tom.

  7. Kenny - no. Rejection, the story of my life.