Wednesday, March 14, 2007


Since I began my life of unemployability....

I have to first explain, that what began as a period of chosen unemployment, has now led to me being so feral, that I am positively unemployable.

.... I have noticed one thing.

Daytime TV is predominantly made up of programmes about buying things.

Everyone on daytime TV is buying and selling things. It's like vicariously shopping by proxy for the people with no money.

Depressing really, especially considering the cast of third rate entities that seem to flock to the casting couches for each of these trading travesties.

I'm fading into obscurity..... Obsessive about web stats, about photographing Scrabble letters, about drinking coffee, about watching movies, and generally being unproductive.

Incredibly, I have even pondered the concept of making some sort of animation. Perhaps it could be the New Adventures of the Tenacious D?

Either that, or with the help of daytime television, I'll become an antiques dealer, or a property tycoon? More likely a drug dealer!!

Now, is it more Royal Doulton elephants? Or another movie? Oh, the choices I have to make!!

Thank the lord for Pogo badges, that come out this afternoon!!


  1. everybody's got a
    drug dealer on speed dial.......


  2. Heeeeyyyy - you can start the Home Drug-Shopping Channel, complete with on-screen counters, etc.:

    "We've only got 29 of the deep gold Joan Rivers e's left...look at that colour! Fabulous! Joan, what was your inspiration?" "Well, one night I really wanted a bit of a buzz, but none of the boring old white e's I had matched my outfit, and the stamped images were all geared to younger consumers. So the gold came from that, and I think the little scrollwork 'JR' monogram is just so sweet." "Joan, you're a genius - e for the old-school generation. Oh - we're down to 17 left, yours for just 4 easy payments of 10 quid..."

  3. p.s. You appear to be worth 23 points. Imagine if you got a triple word score!